New banner!

c71magical-drop1Now that April has come around, it’s time for a change of things. Gone is the old and dark theme, spring is the time for fluffy colors and happy faces!

The artist is Mikeou (of the circle Pink Chuchu), as some of you may remember from my c75 post. She’s a very talented artist, and one of her greatest virtues is the fact that she produces an insane amount of work every single month (unfortunately, that’s bad news for people like me, who want to collect everything).The first thing you’ll notice when looking at her work is the gratuitous amount of fanservice in her works (of course, I’ve avoided much of it in this post, though I have to admit after that bit of combing there really isn’t much left). From the look of things, Mikeou doesn’t believe in flat chests or under developped girls, and her girls are always full of life. She has worked on many eroges (mostly associated with Marmalade) , many magazine features, and sold countless amounts of merchandise in the form of doujin goodies.

3-04bこんねこ was her first game, and as you can see her style was already pretty much established here.

moe-65457-sampleHer next game was Miracle Romanace Strawberry Scramble, you can find a review (of sorts) here.

2007-04-28_10-02-22Festa!! -Hyper girls pop- was a collaboration between many artists (although Mikeou was my favorite among them).

e383aae383aae382abe383abe3828ae3828ae381a3e3818f22Lyrical Lyric is her latest game, and unlike most artists who has turned to soft CGing after the boom of Digital image editing programs, she went back to basics and used a stylish (and adorable) method of cell shading. She wasn’t the only artist to participate in this game, but I’m sure you can tell which of the characters are hers.

You can see her extremely long list of work and doujins that she and her circle worked on here and here.

Because she works so much, it’s hard to get all her illustrations. However, Pink chuchu Chronicle 2 does a pretty good job of detailing the artwork produced by the circle, and Kira Kira reki is good for everything else (up until 2007, anyway). I’m hoping that she’ll release another artbook soon (I know it’s still quite early, but she works so much that a single year is more than enough to fill a good sized artbook).

Now, the image spam.

Happy, fun, and filled with bright colors, that’s what the Mikeou girl looks like, and while she’s by no means obscure, I’m hoping that her popularity will continue to increase so that some obsessed fan will release a pack containing all her works her art can bring happiness to the world!


7 thoughts on “New banner!

  1. Oh, so that’s where the banner came from 🙂 This artist knows how to use nice colors 🙂

    Strawberry is the food of the season 😛

    I really like the new look of the blog 🙂

  2. >>From the look of things, Mikeou doesn’t believe in flat chests or under developped girls, and her girls are always full of life.

    hahaha, I laughed ^o^

  3. Aside from the fact that CI will now always remind me of ghostlightning and Omisyth, the new theme looks nice, and the banner is great. You really can’t go wrong with a Mikeou imagedump either 😛

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