Funimation to stream FMA2 : Brotherhood.


If you haven’t yet managed to watch FMA2 :Brotherhood then you might want to check this out!!

Funimation will be airing the first episode with subs, at 10:00 a.m today (time depends on your timezone of course).

Their official Press Release also mentions it being available on other key-video sharing partners.

I’m hoping one of those partners is Hulu, since the video quality on that site is awesome and they do also currently show a few other Funimation titles on there, such as Mushishi and Black Blood Brothers to name just a few.

Ahh they just keep doing things to make me love them 🙂


4 thoughts on “Funimation to stream FMA2 : Brotherhood.

  1. I’ve just watched the encore telecast since I missed the first and I guess the quality and subs are apparently acceptable.

    Anyway, we don’t have HD tv so I still prefer to watch the fansub since watching it on lcd is still much better XD.

  2. @ foomafoo, Whatever works I say! I love the fact you can watch youtube and veoh through the wii, sometimes I give up quality for the comfort of a comfy chair.

    Ooh I should check to see if I can watch Hulu through it…


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