Toheart2 AD:Cleared!

Yes, I’ve finished Toheart2 Anotherdays, and the last characters I haven’t talked about are Chie, Maryan-senpai and Silfa.

025Chie was the classic bashful tomboy in love without admitting it. Knowing that her best friend, Konomi, had a crush on Takaaki, the protagonist, she tries to set the 2 of them up. Then, realizing that Takaaki has trouble dealing with girls, she tries her hardest to get him comfortable with girls. Continue reading

First impressions: Tears to Tiara, Shangri-la, and Pandora hearts

swordWhen I was playing Tears to Tiara, I didn’t notice how cheesy everything was. Demon lord? Sacrificial virgins? The absurdity of everything really hit me when Arawn came out of his coffin in a wispy, ghost-like mist and the priest was just standing there laughing as if he was on nitrous oxide. The music wasn’t all that interesting (certainly not as good as Uwatarerumono),  the animation wasn’t bad, and the voice acting, which was a bit different from that of the game, was good. I thought that the pace could have gone faster, as this isn’t something that should be stretched into 26 episodes. However, it did impressed me in the visual department. The game’s character designs were translated well into this new medium, everything was solid, and the ending song was really quite stylish. Continue reading