First Impressions: Eden of the East, Shangri-La, Basquash

So I didn’t just watch Fullmetal, I did catch some other shows and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed by the few I’ve checked out so far.

Eden of The East


OMG this had me laughing so hard.


Aww aren’t they cute!

Seeing as that I’m English, having an opening theme performed by Noel Gallagher of Oasis is going to score points with me right off the bat. But the first episode would have charmed me regardless of that fact.

I already like the two lead characters, Saki is sweet and Takizawa, despite having no memory is pretty funny, so together they make an adorable couple.

Perhaps this is why I enjoyed it so much, since one would expect Takizawa’s character to be more angsty. Given that he finds himself, with no memory, walking around naked with just a gun and phone. Then when he does manage to find his way back to the place he apparently called home, it appears from all the fake passports and weaponry he must be some sort of terrorist.

However Takizawa takes it all in his stride and in fact maintains a good sense of humor about his situation. He goes with the flow and drags sightseer Saki, along for the ride.

Apart from the shady dude in the car, the whole episode is rather light in tone, such as when the female police officer questions the two and after pointing at the security cam picture she has of them, Takizawa pulls down his pants.

Even the way they put a big white scribble over his privates whilst he ran around naked had me amused. I imagine, given the premise, that at some point this will get more serious, but for now I’m enjoying the light tone and I’ll definitely be sticking with this show.



The girl got spunk.


It’s a man baby yeah.

Again nice opener, but the odds of me liking it were good, considering how much I adored Macross Frontier and May’n singing, I didn’t think much of the ED though.

Maybe all the financial troubles were a good thing for Gonzo, because instead of producing another show full of moe characters for socially inept Otaku to fap over (coughStrikeWitchescough), they’ve actually produced something worth watching this time.

Of course its hard to go wrong when you mix their animation along with character designs from Range Murata. Ahh I really should own Last Exile, given how much I enjoyed that show.

The animation is what you’d expect from Gonzo, crisp and clean and the music fit nicely. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Evil’ music that played when we were introduced to the bitch in the dark tower, that totally got a chuckle out of me.

I like the spunk of the lead character Kuniko and I’ll totally be sticking with this show, to see how she takes on the evil corporation with the aid of her trusty… boomerang!



The animation is so, so pretty.


Plenty of disturbing fanservice here…

Remember how I mentioned Macross Frontier earlier? Well this shows holds ties to it too, considering both Satelight and Shoji Kawamori were involved in this project and when these two are involved you know you’re going to get something crazy beautiful.

The animation is absolutely gorgeous, satelight’s ability to blend CG with regular animation is a beautiful sight to behold.

I enjoyed the opening with the frenetic chase through town as Dan tears his way through the streets, trashing t.v’s with his basketball.

You would think a show based upon mecha’s who play basketball totally wouldn’t work. But given the crazy characters, fast paced animation and enjoyable music, Basquash manages it. Oddly enough Dan’s craziness, in fact the whole tone of the show, almost made it feel like a Gainax show to me. Hmm… mecha, crazy kid, busty chick… oh Lagann 😉

I totally enjoyed the humor, although, the innuendo laden scene while funny was a little disturbing, given how young Dan and Miyuki look, which makes her huge rack pretty disturbing too.

No opening thus far, but I did enjoy the ending theme, it had a nice flow and sound to it.

I will totally be sticking with this show, but Choux will be providing the commentary on it, since I know the animation has her jumping for joy too 🙂


10 thoughts on “First Impressions: Eden of the East, Shangri-La, Basquash

  1. Eden of the East is very deep and scientific. Experiment number one involved measuring the response of male reproductive organ to heat. The results clearly indicate that heat is directly proportional to the size (p=0.04). However, the results might be spurious due to experimenters being too happy listening to Oasis soundtrack 😛 That is nothing compared to the significant confounds May’n can introduce though 😛

  2. Eden of the East is very interesting, and the OP is fine too. I wish more songs by western bands are used in anime. I’m still on the fence with Basquash, despite its merits in the animation front.

    I’m a pretty hardcore basketball geek and I tend not to enjoy Space Jam type hijinks which I think the Bigfoots are most likely to do.

  3. @Sakura

    I used to play too maybe over a decade ago. I just don’t have teh skillz, plus I’m too short to play the 4 and 5, and too slow to play the 2 and 3, and have no ball skills to play the 1.

    Tennis it is, where I can compensate by having the most awesome robotracquet money can buy.


    Can’t be any shorter than me, I’m like 5 foot 2.

    I used it to my advantage to get around the tall guys, by the time they lean down to try and sweep the ball I’m already around them XD

    Course, they have the advantage when it comes to blocking shots… my lower center of gravity didn’t help much in those cases, but if you can leave them in the dust with your dribbling skills, they are too far behind to stop your shot!

  5. East of Eden is WEIRD. But unique. I like that, it stands out.

    And Basquash definitely has the Gurren Lagann feel – like “omg, need to reach the moon” and with all that mecha… but I kinda like it. THe music also factors in really well. :]

  6. @ Hoshi, that’s what I liked about it too, they took the whole blank memory thing and made it a little bit fresh 🙂 I totally like Takizawa already and Saki is cute.

    As for Basquash, this has been a happy Macross week for me, more about that in another post 😉

  7. I think there is something going on with Takizawa’s johnny. Like it’s a manipulative johnny. He showed it to the dude and got his pants off him. He showed it to the cop and got off scot-free!

    A Geass johnny?

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