The awesomeness of Sengoku Basara


vlcsnap-124410Remind me to never judge a book by its cover ever again. Sengoku was just absolutely entertaining and I’m going to watch the rest of it, no questions asked.

So, everything starts out with the Date Masamune (who will be called “blue dude” from now on), who is shouting random English phrases at his troops and leading everyone into battle. At this point I’ve already noticed the fantastic music and animation, and I’m already starting to laugh when we get a shot of a guy with with hair that reminds me of Elvis.

vlcsnap-118096So after we get to see Blue dude and Sanada Yukimura (who will now be called “red dude”) kick some major ass with 3 floor high jumps,  horses that defy gravity, lots of screaming, explosions that shoot out randomly, and flying (yes, FLYING), we go into the crazily awesome opening by Abingdon boys school.

vlcsnap-132355Did I ever tell you how much I love Abingdon boys school? If I haven’t, let me condense my speech for you: I LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS!

The animation only add to the awesomeness. Just how often do you see grown men doing a choreographed dance that reminds me of a messed up version of Mikumiku dance?

lol at the ninja named Sasuke

lol at the ninja named Sasuke

Then we learn that red dude is in love with his master, no, not romantic love. In this series there are a lot of love and admiration between 2 men, and in this case they show it by passionately calling each other’s name! Err… okay, just to prove to you that they’re manly, they also show it by punching each other!

The whole thing is followed by more acrobatic fighting, some really ugly costumes, and an epic showdown that caused a tsunami.

My heart went dokidoki...

My heart went dokidoki...

Add to all of that a man who looks like a praying mantis, a man that has what I believe to be a lion’s mane on his head, lots of fighting, lots of punching, lots of testosterone, lots of GAR-ness, some strategy, lots of money, and you get Sengoku Basara.

The animation is very solid , the music is GAR, the storyline is of hilarious, I could really go on all day but I have to finish a project and don’t have the time. So do the next best thing and watch this show already!


I have a problem with how the few women that show up in the first episode are both busty and submissive with too much cleavage, which frankly discusts me. However, this was very, very entertaining and I’m giving Producting I.G. applause.


6 thoughts on “The awesomeness of Sengoku Basara

  1. @ Choux Okay I was gonna just check out the opening, because I totally love abingdon boys school too.

    But you’ve totally sold me, I have to check it out.

    Its funny I took a list of shows this spring and was meh there are so many stinkers on that list.

    But I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve watched so far.

  2. You think Date Masamune is awesome? Try playing him in the game. You’ll realize he’s FUCKING QUALITY AWESOME.

    A man who fights with six swords at once, and can jump up and smash the ground with one hand, sending out a wave of lightning devastation… he’s beyond the boundaries of a normal human.

    Oh, and prepare to be disappointed – there’s like, what, five women total in the entire series?

    Kasuga – the blonde one with too much cleavage. Loves her master way too much.
    Oichi – the woman married to the guy in white; sister to Nobu and all too submissive. Except in her own route in Basara 2: Heroes.
    Matsu – apparently, fans call her the ‘ideal housewife’. Can summon animals.
    Itsuki – a little girl from the North (or a cold place) who wields a hammer. Leader of a group of rebels.
    Nohime – wife of Nobunaga. Devoted wife. Uses two guns and a cannon, among other things.

    Yeah… Sengoku is much more of a MALE BONDING series.

    I’ve always wanted a Sengoku Basara anime… and now I’ve got it! TAKE THAT, SAMURAI WARRIORS! TAKE THAT, KOEI! SENGOKU BASARA IS FAR MORE AWESOME THAN YOU FUCKWADS.

  3. Abingdon Boys School was a good thing for the OP. Loved it, but as for the actual episode? I can’t seem to take it seriously. Then again, are we supposed to? It was hilarious!

  4. Oh, and the ninja’s name is Sasuke because he’s supposed to be Sarutobi Sasuke, one of the Sanada Ten Braves of Sanada Yukimura, the young dude in red. Sengoku Basara makes history fun and enjoyable for all ages! 8D

    Or Talon and Scorpio, as the much-maligned English localization of the first game calls them. I mean… SERIOUSLY?

    Date Masamune… Azure Dragon?

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