Toheart2 AD:Cleared!

Yes, I’ve finished Toheart2 Anotherdays, and the last characters I haven’t talked about are Chie, Maryan-senpai and Silfa.

025Chie was the classic bashful tomboy in love without admitting it. Knowing that her best friend, Konomi, had a crush on Takaaki, the protagonist, she tries to set the 2 of them up. Then, realizing that Takaaki has trouble dealing with girls, she tries her hardest to get him comfortable with girls.

At that point, they began to go on “dates” and doing things that only couples should do. Of course the ending is so wholly predictable, with little to no character development, pretty much no drama, and while it was sweet it just wasn’t interesting.

043Ah, I remember when I first played Toheart2, Maryan-senpai really stood out. She was energetic to the point of hyperactivity, teased others to no end, constantly came up with outrageous plots, and was always there with a helping hand when her friends needed her.

Unfortunately, Anotherdays turned her into an overbearing idiot who’s always pushing sexual jokes onto others with a job of being a seiyuu and a dream of taking over the world and creating a kingdom of moe.


Her story was one of comedy and sex, no actual story and no actual drama, I was so disappointed at the ending, no, scratch that, I was so disappointed with everything! Here I thought we were going to explore her character more and what do we get? Maryan and Takaki rolling dice, where if the number’s lower than 6 then Takaki would have to look under her skirt.

Ugh, seriously.

013a1Toheart2 is kind to its tsunderes (Yuma and Ruri’s stories were really well crafted in the original), and I was quite looking forward to Silfa’s story. Her character is more complex than others, with her whole being fixated on her fears and insecurities.

At the beginning, Silfa is presented as a helpless robot maid that was sent to Takaaki from Sango Himeyuri, she was clumsy, did all the wrong things, but she looked to be trying so hard that Takaaki can’t bring himself to correct her.  The reason she was sent was because she couldn’t deal with humans and Sango believed that Takaaki was the kindest person she knew and could certainly change Silfa’s views. Thankfully, the truth is much more interesting.

016aSilfa has a problem with her speech and believes that she’s a defect, avoiding communication with everyone at the lab. She makes Sango out to be a god like being who would delete anything imperfect without batting an eyelash (although in truth Sango wouldn’t hurt a fly), and sees her sisters as perfect beings who only pity her. After being sent to Takaaki’s house, she purposefully tried to mess everything up, wanting him to hate her. Of course, since Takaaki’s only skill is being hopelessly kind, he doesn’t blame her at all, and after the truth was revealed Silfa casts away her moeblob attitude for a more fitting tsundere attitude.

015aDuring the course of their relationship, we slowly start to see Silfa change her attitude towards humans and her sisters, and she slowly falls in love with Takaaki. However, all the while she was worried about her own feelings. “How can I love him if I’m not human?” “Will he answer my feelings?” “Is he only this kind because he’s my master?” “Is he caring for me because he pities me?” Takaaki’s own conflicting feelings and the situation the 2 of them are in create a very dramatic atmosphere, and like Toheart2, the romance is teeth rottingly sweet.

All in all, the writing of Toheart2 Anotherdays was much weaker than the original, however there were still some good stories in the game, and I enjoyed playing it.


7 thoughts on “Toheart2 AD:Cleared!

  1. So the best scenario was Silfa’s? Good stuff. Congrats for completing the game!

    One of the reasons why I can’t finish this game (aside from boredom) is that the Japanese is too complex for me, especially the dialogue being said by Tama-nee. She always makes my head ache everytime she says something. The main stories though, as you described, are arguably simple enough and typical To Heart, dare I say typical eroge. This formula (and Da Capo’s too) is getting old for me, and I hope there’s something better to look forward to next time.

  2. @Bluemist: Actually, Harumi’s was the best, followed by Ikuto, then Silfa. I’m a bit sick of the setup too, thankfully next up is Saya no Uta and Never7, which should be NOTHING like Toheart.

  3. Never 7? Isn’t that the first game in the infinity series? Cool, I’ve always wonder what the first game in the series is about. Looking forward to your post 🙂

  4. 0o0, congratulations Choux, on completing this game…one question lol….><
    wait wtf…why’d my comment get cut short…lol
    anyways…my question was…how’d you deal with the H scenes XD

    and i can’t wait to see your posts on Saya no Uta, I’ve been wanting to play that one.

  5. @deltazechs: Yup, it is. I thought that since I’ve finished Ever17 and Remember11 I should play the original too.

    @Saru: Ctrl all the way, my friend.

  6. Well good job. I also completed the game (but by simply skimming at first just to get all the endings), then later used AGTH to find out what’s going on.

    While I agree Silfa is one of the best scenarios (in fact she’s my favorite character, partly because she kinda reminds me of Fate/Stay Night’s Sabre :D), I disagree that nothing much happened with Chie. In fact Chie is my 2nd favorite character of TH2:AD, mainly because of her bubbly and emotional personality, and AGTH revealed what I consider to be a lot of adolesence blues going on with her, as well as a lot of silliness (examples: at the scene where she’s trying to give Takaaki her bento, she stutters, going “c-c-c-c-c-” and Takaaki misunderstands and goes “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” :D, and during the “skirt flipping initiation”, she says something about the “boys right of passage” and the first thing that Takaaki says is Circumcision XD).

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