Saya no Uta


I’m not affiliated with any religion, but after going through Saya no Uta I feel as if I really should be praying to some god right now, praying that this story will always be a story to me and I can maintain the normal life I have now. I thought Umineko was pretty bad, but this is considerable worse. I feel like someone just slammed a brick into my face then attached my to a spinning fan. I’m not going to be surprised if I have nightmares about this… Please excuse me for a few days as I try to drive the story out of my brain with  fluff (otoboku or Hayate the combat butler would do nicely). Don’t get me wrong, the story really is well written, and the sense of suspense was executed with skill, but it’s just not something that a person would keep in their head for a prolonged period of time.

What is Saya no uta? It’s a story about alienation,  love, and the truth in the world. It is something that is, without a doubt, horrifying and powerful. The things that are described in this story are terrifying, I have a high amount of doubt about the writer’s sanity, and it is NOT something that I would recommend to most people.