Saya no Uta


I’m not affiliated with any religion, but after going through Saya no Uta I feel as if I really should be praying to some god right now, praying that this story will always be a story to me and I can maintain the normal life I have now. I thought Umineko was pretty bad, but this is considerable worse. I feel like someone just slammed a brick into my face then attached my to a spinning fan. I’m not going to be surprised if I have nightmares about this… Please excuse me for a few days as I try to drive the story out of my brain with  fluff (otoboku or Hayate the combat butler would do nicely). Don’t get me wrong, the story really is well written, and the sense of suspense was executed with skill, but it’s just not something that a person would keep in their head for a prolonged period of time.

What is Saya no uta? It’s a story about alienation,  love, and the truth in the world. It is something that is, without a doubt, horrifying and powerful. The things that are described in this story are terrifying, I have a high amount of doubt about the writer’s sanity, and it is NOT something that I would recommend to most people.

23 thoughts on “Saya no Uta

  1. If they had left out the sex scenes I would have an easier time recommending this to others. Instead of an awesome horror tale, we get creepy devil lolis : /

    4/10 might never fap again

  2. I loved Saya no Uta and I reccomend it to everybody that have a openmind.
    It is fantastic and have a excelent supernetural plot.
    All the dark ambient of the story is so involving.
    Unique 9/10

  3. @maggeh: You know, I just read NISIOISIN’s short story of Xxxholic, and it focused on a character who would “violate taboos”, and just can’t stop. Stop now before you’re stuck in her situation.

    @Tess: That’s the way it always is with Nitro+’s games. P.S.: I’m a fan of your drawings ^^

    @jiff: This was one of those few stories where the sex is needed as an important plot point, so I wish that they just didn’t show it (like in Ever17).

    @APepper: Have you ever read Tokyo Akazukin?

  4. I read a synopsis of Saya no Uta while looking up who Nitroplus are, and decided then and there that while it was obviously a clever tale, I wouldn’t be able to stomach it.

    So do you regret playing it, or are you happy to have played it even though you’re going to have to drive the story out of your brain?

  5. @Choux:No, but now I have searched about it; I think this manga may miss the sutil part of suspense and it seems to have a lot o sex too…But,I will check this out :/

  6. Sorry for the DP XD

    Something I love in mangas and etc is the story, and I don´t think that the story in Tokyo Akazukin will compensate for the huge amount of gore and violence.

  7. @the animanachronism: I don’t regret it, not at all.
    @Apepper: To tell you the truth, I only read a chapter of it before I stopped. I heard that the story starts to come on in volume 3 though. Personally, I think that it’s hard when you see a series where there are questionable material at the beginning and you have no idea whether or not the story’s worth it.

  8. I haven’t heard about saya no uta, I thought of saya in blood +, hehehe…
    do you have source for live stream on this series?
    and have you watch ghost hunt? or ghost hound? which is more interesting?

    thanks for sharing your thoughts about this series, I guess I’ll check this out… hehehe

  9. well.. needless to say that had to be the most horrifying novel i have ever read . guy at the top who wrote this, kudos to you beecause you had the same exact mentality i do. I myself quit the game after about 30 minutes of horrifying game, wondering whether they will have a CG of what Saya acftually looks like scary shit man

  10. This game is threatening my sanity — but it’s good. It’s definitely good. The different povs sort of even split your mind into half rooting for each side. Not for the weak at heart.

  11. I loved it. I simply loved Saya no uta.

    Call me insane, call me crazy, call me whatever name you may come up with. I just loved it. the sad thing about this kind of VN (Visusal novel) is that it’s one of a kind. After finishing Saya no uta I searched for something similar, but guess what, I had 0 success rate. I found a title claiming to be horror and whatnot, but after finishing the mean route I was so disappointed that I quit reading it all together, and I regretted wasting my time on it. it’s called DIVIDEAD. so can a kind soul suggest me something similar to Saya no uta, the language doesn’t matter, but it’s preferable if it’s in English,French or in Japanese. I’ll be really grateful, thanks in advance. and yeah Saya no uta is not for the weak of the heart and is really insane, so be ready for some really screwed up shit if you ever decide to go through it, however I loved the romance there more than anything I read Key related, that may hold true only for me though.

    One last thing for anyone thinking of recommending Lovecraft’s work, please do not, I have already read all of it.

    • Hmm… the first thing that comes to mind is Kikokugai (same writer and artist, although it’s an earlier work), although it’s not nearly as good with atmosphere and character. Maybe Cross channel? It really IS hard trying to find something that can live up to the memory of Saya no uta.

      • Yay!! thanks a bunch.

        It’s no Saya no Uta, but it’s great nonetheless, what’s more I found an article about it here kikokugai-patch-out,on your site, anyway please accept my sincere gratitude Choux-sama 😉 , and I’m looking forward to more reviews. I found some interesting stuff in the archives.

        keep up the good work

  12. Hmm i thought plot and suspense was great, in fact, this was really well wrote. I never thought i could experience suspense from some random game i picked up.

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