First impressions: Phantom, Tayutama, and 07ghost

vlcsnap-212227I still can’t believe it, but I liked Phantom! The opening scene was incredibly cheesy, I mean, we have a assassin in a pink car and a maid with a gun! But I guess some of the Nitro+ magic rubbed off on this adaption, as I was  entertained.


The music was haunting, and one violin piece really stood out to me. The animation wasn’t that great, and I’m hoping that as we go on there’re going to be less action scenes. The thing that intrigued me the most was, of course, Ein. She is not what I thought she would be, and very much reminds me of Rei Ayanami. I’m going to keep watching this and hope that we can see Zwei shirtless again soon ^^.

vlcsnap-215294Tayutama was pretty much the mindless fluff that I expected.

The animation was much better than what I expected from an adaption of a not-that-popular eroge by Silver link, the music was bright and forgettable, and unless something like this occurs, I’m not going to bother with the rest of it.


When I watched 07ghost, I realized that there were an insane amount of stuff that I don’t remember about, my brain must be deteriorating.

The first thing that I noticed was that Teito’s much too pretty for him not to cross dress (Alice-hime, if you’re reading this, thanks for convincing me to watch this), and the second thing I noticed is that the music is great. However, the animation is pretty bad and the characters prance around as if they’re weightless (I really wish they didn’t stretch out the fighting, there was only 1 page of actual fighting in the exam in the manga). The story dragged a bit because they had to fill the 23 minute quota, but it wasn’t bad at all and quite entertaining. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with such a pretty AND kickass boy as the main character ^^.

I just absolutely LOVE the ending song. I have no idea who sang it, but I’m getting that CD and whatever album she has released!


One thought on “First impressions: Phantom, Tayutama, and 07ghost

  1. @ Choux, Its “Hitomi no Kotae (瞳のこたえ)” by Noria.

    I definitely think I want to check out Phantom and 07 Ghost, but I’m probably going to be steering clear of Tayutama, it just definitely doesn’t seem worth the effort and your review only seems to confirm that.

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