FMA Brotherhood – The First Day


The above image to me is both surreal and nostalgic. It could have come from an episode of the first series, but in fact its right out of FMA Brotherhood.

Its just so strange seeing the same events unfold, but just not quite the same way they did before.


The brothers attempt to resurrect their mother was just as profound and dramatic this time as it was the first time around. This second series seems to blend humor and drama just as well as the first ever did.

The scenes prior to the resurrection attempt were really cute and it was a big treat to see little Ed, Al and Winry as little kids and because they were so cute and so touching, it really made the brothers failed attempt at human transmutation all the more shocking, even though we’ve seen it happen before.

It really is amazing how many different ways the source material can be interpreted. Sometimes when it happens the result isn’t always so great, but in this case I think its going to work out.


Next week the brothers will finally get to Lior! 🙂

5 thoughts on “FMA Brotherhood – The First Day

  1. I have to say I kinda miss the development we had in the first series. Like how they grew up, discovered alchemy, wrote their dad many letters, studied for the exam together Shou Tucker’s place.
    Perhaps they’ll make up for it later, since they expect everyone to have already seen the first series. There are people who haven’t seen it though.

  2. @nicksterse: I agree. While I miss those early scenes, I suppose it does free up time for more manga plot down the road, which is fine with me.

    But still- I kind of miss the development and reality of it. For whatever reason, this new version somehow seems like something is just “off”

    I went back and took a look at the old show, and the first thing that stuck out to me was how the environments were illustrated. In the old one, the backgrounds and buildings all were done in a very realistic style, wheras in this one we have broad brushstrokes and stylistically uneven lines (take a look at Ed and Al’s house again, or the window panes in the scene with Mustang and Roy), giving the whole thing a distinct storybook feel.

    Probably just one of those things (like the change in VA for Mustang) that I’ll just have to get used to.

  3. @nicksterse It does seem like they are moving things along at a fast pace.

    @Licknore I know what you mean about the storybook style backgrounds. I noticed it when we got a look at the scenery out of the train.

    How different is Mustang’s VA? I never watched the first series subbed, so I have no idea how different the new VA’s sound from the original ones.

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