Mecha kits keep me busy.


Alto’s Messiah

So after completely falling in love with the Messiah’s from Macross Frontier, hubby took it upon himself to buy me some model kits for Christmas. I haven’t put decals on yet but they are built.


Revoltech Fokker and Ozma’s Messiah


Fokker, Ozma and Alto


Fokker, Ozma, Alto and Toynami Hikaru


Ozma not quite in Gerwalk


Ozma in Gerwalk


Ozma not quite in Battroid


Ozma and Alto


The newest addition, yet to be built

Actually I have put together one of the bases you see there and Alto has been placed upon it. The fighter seems wobbly on it though so I’m thinking of transforming him into Gerwalk and posing him that way.

I’ll put pictures of that in another post, along with our other recent Macross addition that arrived after Luca’s Fighter.


When not building my kits, I like to bake πŸ™‚

Well you gotta have food to keep you going while you build right? πŸ˜‰


14 thoughts on “Mecha kits keep me busy.

  1. That’s quite an awesome stash.

    I can see that the models do have a problem with holding the gun in place, and with the thing under the barrel to stay where it looks good.

    Posability is tough given how small the joints are relative to the weight of the limbs amplified by how fragile the whole thing feels.

    My Alto custom has stayed on Gerwalk mode hanging out with my revoltech set.

  2. @ Kitsune, Thank you πŸ™‚

    @ Kairu Ishimaru I’ll probably bake more of them for Easter next year. Considering how quickly they got devoured at work when I took them in.

    @ gl, The bases and Luca were a huge surprise, they arrived Monday. I’d been saying to hubby that the figures would probably look a lot more dynamic on a base.

    That is totally my problem, the gun is a very wobbly base, I wonder why they didn’t make it so that it clicks onto the main part somehow, that would have made it a lot more stable.

    I think Gerwalk mode is definitely in the future for Alto, but I kind of like Ozma in battroid.

    I even had trouble getting Ozma to hold the gun in battroid, it didn’t want to stay in there. But hubby posed him so that the gun rests on his other arm.

    You’re right it definitely looks more solid than it feels, although Alto has survived one fall, courtesy of one of the dogs!

    So they are pretty hardy, thankfully!

    Ozma seemed to go together a lot more seamlessly than Alto did, although I had a crap ton of trouble with getting Ozma’s head to sit where it should but no problems with Alto’s head.

    Hopefully Luca won’t given me too many problems and he comes with ‘Ghost’s’ so this should be fun!

    Also hubby got four bases… So I’m hoping for a Sniper in my future XD

  3. Hmm, I may have the opportunity to visit the crackhousestoyshops tomorrow, I’ll look for a base.

    That’s a good idea. Thanks!

  4. @ gl, Good Luck! Alto’s fighter totally looks cool on the base, though its still pretty unstable.

    The base just attaches to the gun which as you know just sits under the fighter, so its still rather wobbly. Which is why I think I’ll end up switching it to Gerwalk.

  5. @ Hynavian, They certainly are! I made the cupcakes for Easter, so they are made up to look like Easter baskets.

    Cherry Twizzlers for the handles and Starburst Jelly beans for the eggs.

    We have a friend coming over for dinner tonight, so I’ll be making a triple layer lemon pie today.

  6. We opened up the kit and were intimidated – micloned if you will.

    It’s quite necessary to take the finished kit apart to attach the parts. This is awful. If you have unassembled kits, don’t rush to complete them if you’re planning to get these parts.

    I may just buy an Ozma just to be able to use them since I don’t feel confident I can take the Alto apart and track down the tiny parts cross-referencing the two manuals together.

  7. The separate kits are to be used in conjunction with unbuilt models, but if you can get the Super Parts Alto Custom then go for it. At least you’re only dealing with one instruction manual.

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