Basquash 2

vlcsnap-2404131Hurray for the opening! Just like Macross frontier, this contained a lot of recycled material, but it’s still good and the song is catchy. Now, what I like about it is how it seems to be hinting at a darker plot (excellent!), and what I REALLY like is the little girl standing on the lamp post-like structure. Generally speaking, girls who can stand on lamp posts has some kind of kickass ability to them, so I’m looking forward to it.

debtAh, the debt. Most of this episode was centered around the debt and its effects. Dan’s kicked out of his house, Coco’s not talking to him, the gang is working together to raise money, etc. However, I don’t find it to be all that interesting and I hope that it’s not going to be the focus of any more episodes. Coco’s cold rejection was a bit of a shock to me, as I thought that she’d at least let him back in the house. We see how her accident occurred, but the whole flashback was quite cheesy and having dancing girls in the sky singing a upbeat pop song doesn’t exactly help to improve the atmosphere. However, I can’t help but feel as if Coco is planning something. Just what on earth is she doing on that computer?


Now, we get an interesting little piece of history from Miyuki. She said that her father and grandfather left the moon, and we see an explosion (which is probably where her father died). Now, if we take that into account, that means the 2 of them left the moon before Miyuki was born and her father died on earth, causing Miyuki and her grandfather to move away. But what exactly happened? Or did I get everything wrong, and the explosion happened AFTER Miyuki moved? Who on earth is Miyuki’s mother? Why does Miyuki know Sela? And why on earth would someone as talented as Sela be working as a drinks girl at the time of the match? I really hope everything’s going to be answered.


Now, Sela, as a character, is quite confusing. From the way she’s living, she’s definitely not poor, and guessing from the phonecall I believe that she’a a technitian (speaking of which, the amount of fanservice in the show is starting to get annoying). She’s acting as if she’s lost interest in Dan, but is she just doing that to get him worked up?

The production values are still amazing, and I’ve enjoyed this episode. I’m guessing that Sela, Dan, the blue haired guy and someone else will eventually get together as a team and enter a basketball tournament which can get Dan to the moon, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Basquash 2

  1. Watched 2 and 3 over this past weekend. Sela makes me smile with her M-ness. Also, it’s interesting to ponder about how this Earth-Moon relation works, so I hope we get more on that as the episodes pass.

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