Eden of the East – Episode 2


So this show gets curiouser and curiouser, Saki and Takizawa get cuter and cuter and I like it more and more 🙂

The two together are adorably quirky, she’s totally charmed by Takizawa and at the moment it appears there is more of an attachment on her part. Although, despite Takizawa deciding to go his own way twice in this episode, he doesn’t seem to be able to bring himself to leave her.

The scene in the bathroom after he has left her to go home is totally cute. She’s standing there saying she should have smiled more when out of nowhere his voice interrupts by saying she smiled a lot and of course she freaks out.

Along with the whimsical cuteness of the pair though, is the slowly simmering, sinister plot in the background. We learn that Takizawa has the designation IX which I assume means ‘nine’. Its looking like he was part of some sort of government operation and he is more than likely supposed to carry out missions for them.

A shady looking cop, who has a phone similar to Takizawa’s had been tracking him, since he wanted to see IX. Though he is disappointed when they meet when he realizes Takizawa has had his memories wiped.

Although it appears he’s looking forward to picking up IX’s work since Takizawa is now incapable. So it seems he knows a lot about what is going on and possibly who Takizawa is and what he’s done in the past.

Its pretty creepy how both this ‘cop’ and Takizawa can just ask for something on the phone and poof it happens. Considering how literally seconds after he asks for two people to be taken out, they are shot down in cold blood, along with a witness to the scene.

Whatever Takizawa and this man are a part of, its certainly very powerful, especially if they are omnipotent enough to have the ability to fire missiles at Japan. I am so totally sucked into this show now!


2 thoughts on “Eden of the East – Episode 2

  1. wow the second ep ROCKS!!!
    I liked the mall’s scenes
    it’s going to be amazin anime

    ” Saki and Takizawa get cuter and cuter and I like it more and more ”

    yeah ..but I like takizawa more he’s super kawaii it’s sad he didn’t remember anything about his home or his mother ><

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