THANK YOU CLAMP!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your brain isn’t registering the information yet, read this: In chapter 219 of Tsubasa, we find out that clone Sakura is still alive! I’m just so happy right now. It seems that Yuuko isn’t dead either, as she’s there with CSakura and and CShaoran, telling him to choose. Ack, we won’t know what the choice is until next week! I really can’t handle reading Tsubasa on a weekly basis.

The last couple of chapters were very confusing, not only with the large amount of fighting but also with the 2 Shaorans and the 2 Sakuras. It seems that Shaoran’s parents aren’t CCS’s protagonists afterall, so now there are 4 Sakuras and 4 Shaorans in the works, all identical, all with different intentions and ablilties, all with some sort of connetion to Clow. I’m so confused, if only Eriol would come and cleanly explain everything…

2 thoughts on “SAKURA!!!!!

  1. I’m as confused as you are about the multiple Sakuras and Syaorans to the point that I’ve given up trying to figure which is which and just leave it be…lol.

  2. The multiple Sakuras and Syaorans should just be ignored for now. I’ll take as many of them as necessary (on the same page at the same time) as long as it means that both of my clones are still alive.

    I was a wreck when I thought CLAMP betrayed us and killed Sakura! No matter how many Sakuras appear one is never a replacement for the other! And cSakura is my favorite after ccsSakura.

    Oh yeah, but if you want to add more Sakuras and Syaorans you can always add the ones from the Horitsuba drama cds. ^_^;

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