FMA Brotherhood – An Alchemist’s Distress.


Ahh back when times were happier, if you watch Fullmetal for the laughs, then trust me you’ll want to skip this episode.


Ahh look who’s finally made an appearance to wreak havoc upon the State Alchemists.


I totally love the fighting between these two, it never fails to be entertaining.


Ed beats the crap out of Tucker when he realizes he has used his family as Chimera test subjects.


That last picture basically sums up how I feel at the end of this episode. Nina’s fate reduced me to tears the first time round. Knowing the outcome beforehand this time round, did nothing to lessen the blow.

It still felt like a punch to the gut when you finally see the merged Nina and Alexander. If anything, maybe knowing the outcome beforehand actually made it worse, because it just sits there in your stomach like a knot that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Knowing beforehand sure as hell didn’t make her fate any less horrifying or chilling.

FMA Brotherhood, continues to be just as compelling as the first series.


2 thoughts on “FMA Brotherhood – An Alchemist’s Distress.

  1. It still felt like a punch to the gut when you finally see the merged Nina and Alexander

    I agree; I felt the same way, though I really wasn’t reduced to tears. In any case, if the unfortunate transmutation of Nina and Alexander does not induce that punch-the-gut-sensation, the irony of Ed beating the living daylights out of Tucker for something he himself have done (or something similar, though the intents are a bit different) will. Okay, maybe the latter would get a punch to the head instead.

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