Clannad FV: Cleared! But who cares about that?

moe 67230 sampleAfter years, YEARS of waiting due to the Chinese translation team going on a very long hiatus, I’ve finally completed Clannad. To those who don’t care, skip the rest of this paragraph. To those who are wondering at how long it was: it was 40% finished in August of 2005, 60% finished in December of 2005, finished (aside from Kotomi’s path and the after story) in October of 2006, with an announcement of a completed patch soon after. However, afterward, Clannad got a voice patch, and the team started inserting the text all over again, this time, very, VERY slowly. Another team finished Kotomi and the After Story, WITH voices, and released it as a separate patch. A patch for the entirety of Clanand was released a few months ago, but it wasn’t official, nor was it compatible with the Full Voice version (which is the one that I have). A COMPLETELY FINISHED patch was finished only this March, which is really a long, long journey (please tell me that someone got this joke).

Now, I’ve watched the anime already, I’ve seen the Kyoani magic at work, laughed a lot, and cried a lot, so why play the game?

“I love you, so please don’t be so kind of me…”

KYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Isn’t it simple? KYOU!

I mean, sure, the anime also left out Kappei’s story, Ryou’s feelings, Yoshino’s CD, Sanae’s struggles, and Akio’s incident with the bus hijack, but those things PALE in comparison with the amazingness of Kyou.

See, Ryou likes Tomoya, she also knows that Kyou likes Tomoya. But, not wanting to lose to Kyou again Ryou decided to tell her about her crush. Kyou, as loyal and kind as she is, tried her hardest to suppress her own feelings and set the 2 of them up. Of course, there’s also the factor that she had always been afraid of changing her relationship with Tomoya, fearing that she’d lost him forever, telling herself that she’d be okay, as long as she was by his side.

The problem with that whole logic is that no matter what, she still loved Tomoya, and when rumors spread out that Tomoya was cheating on Ryou with Kyou, she went and confessed to Sunohara. That way, she’d end the rumors and still get to stay by Tomoya’s side. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, isn’t it? Only she didn’t realize that Tomoya loved her too.

With an amazing performance by Sunohara and oodles and oodles of drama, Kyou’s story is my favorite within the Clannad-verse. If only the ending was a little less hurried, I might even rank it as one of my favorite stories EVER.

Artist: Goto-P

Artist: Goto-P

Now, I know that most of you’ll just watch the TV extra when it comes out, but seriously, go and play the game when you have the chance. REALLY. I can’t force you to do anything, but if you’ve EVER taken a single recommendation from me, take this one now. Now, please excuse me, I need to play Kyou’s path, again!


3 thoughts on “Clannad FV: Cleared! But who cares about that?

  1. Kyou, as loyal and kind as she is, tried her hardest to suppress her own feelings and set the 2 of them up.

    Wow, so that’s where the impressiveness of episode 18 came from. Reading about Kyou’s route, I think the anime did a decent job for the extremely short period of time spent on Kyou’s feelings. All in one blow, we get Kyou’s truth, and it comes in glorious heart-breaking tears… LOVEHER!

  2. @Ryan A: Episode 18 doesn’t even come CLOSE to expressing the twin’s inner turmoil. Just you wait…

    @lelangir: The funny thing is that a while ago i was silently screaming to the translation team this: we are supporting you, 100%, so you must. release. NAO!

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