Manga catch up – Naruto

Narutos answer

So you may have noticed a lack of Naruto updates lately. That was mainly due to a complete lack of desire to post anything. The current arc was totally boring me.

I guess I should feel more sympathy for Pain, his long twisted path to the Akatsuki began with the death of his parents. They were accidently killed by Leaf-nin during a war. It continued with the death of his dog, thanks to a skirmish involving the young sanin and was followed by him being forced to kill his best friend Yahiko.

The death of his friend caused him to seek the path of peace that Yahiko had longed for.

I guess I would have felt sympathy for his story, if his way of trying to obtain that peace made a fricking lick of sense at all. Peace will only come when you have experienced Pain? Whatever, you emotionally effed up loser.

Bad crap happened to Pain, I get that, but he’s no different from anyone else in the world he lives in. He’s seriously deluded if he thinks that anyone in the ninja world hasn’t experienced pain of some kind.

Look at Naruto, no parents and pretty much shunned by everyone while he was growing up. But that didn’t turn him into a lunatic determined to bring peace to the world by destroying it.

Naruto’s answer to the whole sorry mess? He can’t forgive Nagato, but he won’t kill him. Though I’m not sure how Naruto plans to stand by that idea, unless Nagato has a complete turn around and is so touched by the gesture, he decides to give up on trying to obtain the kyuubi…


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