Eden of The East – Episode 6

pic 1 pretty lights

So we’re six episodes in with this episode aptly being titled Eden of The East in reference to a system that Saki and her group of friends have created.

pic 2 Ohsugi's balls are in danger

Ohsugi’s friends are looking for him and hopefully they find him before he loses vital parts of his anatomy.

pic 3 that look doesn't suit you Ohsugi

Luckily for Ohsugi he and his parts are safe for the moment as Shiratori gets called away on business. Luckily for him Kasuga is on his trail, but it remains to be seen if he and Hirasawa can get to him in time, to save him from the serial killer, ‘Johnny Knocker’ aka psycho beotch Shiratori, whose current total sits at about 20,000. WTF!!!!!!!!

pic 4 all the gang sort of

So Saki’s group of friends started Eden of The East as a small recycling group, but it evolved into a business model thanks to the invention of a nifty image recognition system, that can be used on any phone.

Takizawa talks Hirasawa into allowing him to invest in the project celebrating with a pretty display of fireworks.

The group scenes were cute and Ohsugi was quite resourceful in trying to get himself help despite his situation. Why isn’t Episode 7 here already? Sakura wants MOAR!


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