Tsubasa 221


*dies in a puddle of fangirl joy.

The 2 clones are together! They will be  reborn, and won’t meet each other again for a while, but you KNOW that they’ll be together! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! HAHA! Everything is explained, and the background of CCS was explained too! Clow didn’t die in CCS world, instead he went to CSakura’s world to replace her father, killed by the warp. When he died, he left his magic to DadShaoran. No, wait, when Eriol died he left his magic, no, wait, when Eriol AND Fujitaka died, no, wait. Arg, I’m too happy to think straight.

Akabri soft2’s games  are just too addicting. Tsubasa and FMA are the only things that can pull mye out of it. Don’t expect anything until I’m finished Devil on G-string and Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.

*Watche Tsubasa Shunraiki 2.


*returns to being a happy melted puddle.


One thought on “Tsubasa 221

  1. Yes! Someone else who is as happy about this as me! Maybe even happier…I didn’t turn into a puddle. Or at least I’ve already reformed since.

    221 was so great it made up for any of the bad stuff that happened. Except for the number…221! It took that many chapters for Sakura to finally get her confession out uninterrupted?

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