Manga catch up – Kyōkai no Rinne

Manga catch up Kyokai no Rinne

Boy does time fly, we’re already up to the fifth chapter and so far this manga seems choc full of the same charm and gentle humor we’ve come to expect from a Rumiko Takahashi manga.

It didn’t take long to solve the mystery of why Sakura-chan can see ghosts and we get a sort of answer about the nature of Rinne-kun.

Turns out Sakura’s ability to see ghosts is thanks to Rinne’s aunt getting her candy on her first visit to the world and Rinne tells Sakura that he’s human… sort of.

Well I guess it wouldn’t do to give everything away all at once now would it? In any case this is shaping up to be something I know I’m going to follow regularly.

We don’t have many actual characters so far, but I’m already invested in the budding relationship between Rinne and Sakura, much as I got sucked into the relationship between InuYasha and Kagome.

I like Sakura, she seems pretty smart and strong willed and well Rinne is just so damned cute half the time, although he does have a little bit of that bluster that was so much a part of InuYasha’s character.

I eagerly await next week.


44 thoughts on “Manga catch up – Kyōkai no Rinne

  1. Well, faithful readers have all learned at least one valuable lesson already: don’t call Rinne-kun‘s grandmother an old lady. You say O-bâ-chan and you’ll be getting a heavy dose of noogie-shock therapy! . . .

    And ‘shippers can relax after having seen, at a certain critical point in the story, our titular hero didn’t yell out something insensitive like, “Oh, no — my SLEEVE!”

    (I don’t know if one can be a male ‘shipper — especially at my age — but I do tend to like close harmony among humans as among musical notes. . . .)

  2. I think this is like Bleach although the role of Rukia and Ichigo is reversed…

    I still don’t see any problem or any possible development though. We still don’t know if there is a boss to be beaten yet, someone similar to Naraku.

  3. There are lots of possible problems — too many to know yet which ones of them Takahashi-sensei will go after next.

    We know now there are good and bad shinigami in this particular Rumic World . . . and somebody who sets the quotas that the DA-MA-SHI-gami (a/k/a Mr. Yo-Ro-Shi-Ku) was trying to fill by luring Sakura-chan back to the Wheel prematurely. Add in that line of what looked like shops on the path up the mountain where the Wheel is — but which may wind up being more like ticket booths for the various types of “rides” on or to the Wheel — and that’s already enough to suggest (to me, at least) that there’s a whole society up/out/over there waiting for us to find out about it.

    There will probably be bigger badder “bad guys” to oppose in that society . . . but we’ve also seen the outline of another problem: why is Rinne-kun here at Namae-Mada-Wakkanai High School instead of in that society? Why can’t he live with his grandm — um, that strikingly young-looking woman? Is he half-human and half-shinigami . . . and is that a “racial” issue in the SG world? (It doesn’t have to be like Inuyasha, for example, where status among the demons seemed pretty well directly tied to power, and Inuyasha’s hybrid heritage wasn’t so much of a problem except as it related to his power level.)

    Back to the Wheel and that mountain . . . it’s near where Sakura-chan‘s grandmother lives — or lived, anyway. Does her family have a special connection to that mountain, or to the Wheel?

    And where is her family, anyway? We didn’t even see or hear from them when we saw Sakura-chan “waking up” (from Rinne-kun‘s only partially successful hypnosis) at the dinner table having just had a very nice pork-cutlet dinner. Who cooked it?

    Speaking of hypnosis, did Rinne-kun hypnotize Suzuki-sensei after the incident of the reappearing Suzuki-kun and the disappearing old jersey? Or does Rinne’s hypnosis only work to make people forget — and, if so, would it be dangerous to make Suzuki-sensei forget that incident because he’d be left wondering what happened to that jersey he was saving for seven years? (“Yeah, where is it? The last time I remember seeing it, I was going to take it to that poor Rokudô-kun. . . .”) OTOH, if Suzuki-sensei does remember the incident, is he going to get involved in the adventures to come, too? (And will he be dazzled if a certain ashes-to-ashes-blonde woman shows up on Parents’ Night?)

    In fact, my biggest question about the series is who else is going to show up. So far, we only know the name of one of our heroic team’s classmates — and she’s not even the one we met first, the one on the other side of Sakura-chan from Rinne-kun, the one who’s reached out to her in potential friendship most often. If this is anything like Takahashi-sensei‘s other big stories, we’re likely to be getting to know more classmates — some as friends, some perhaps as obstacles, some maybe as rivals in one way or another. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few new students transfer in sometime, either — from . . . elsewhere.

    Anyway, I plan to be watching. . . :] . . .

  4. @ foomafoo, Well its still early in the game. Remember how sweet things looked to be going for Kagome in InuYasha until Kikyou showed up!

    I’m sure we’ll see some conflict sooner or later, after all Takahashi is very good at it!

    @ John, As do I, as do I. I am so sucked into this manga already and have no plans to quit reading any time soon.

    Now, if I could just get them to animate more InuYasha…

  5. “We need — information . . . information . . . information . . . . . . .”

    “You won’t get it!”

    “By hook or by crook — we will. . . .”

    “Who are you?”

    “The new Chapter 2. . . .”

    “Where is Chapter 1?”

    You — are Chapter 6. . . .”

    . . . I am NOT a number! I am a FREE MANGA!

    “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. . . !”

    . . . and the announcer fades in briefly to say — yep. It’s up. Time to catch up with Chapter 6!

  6. @ John LOL! Interesting show The Prisoner.

    And YAY for new chapter oh by the by did you download the video for the animated short on Black Tessaiga?

    Quality is horrible and no subs, but OMG it made me immensely happy to hear Kappei and co.

  7. Thanks! And I’m glad you too remember that now prescient-seeming summer-replacement series. (I have it on three VHS tapes still somewhere — when A&E, I think, was replaying the series. But then, I remember watching it the first time around. Now that dates me! . . . :] . . .)

    And no, I knew not of the animated short you’re so . . . animated about. I may have to look it up. Thanks again!

  8. And now for today’s episode of “Takahashi Rock(s)”. . . .

    Figure 8 is double 4 . . .
    Figure 4 is half of eight . . .
    But now you can skate — to Viz’s Rumic World site . . .
    And though it’s not yet night — you can read Chapter 8 . . .
    Of the Circle and our shinigami team. . . .

    Yeah, I’m on her side,
    but let’s hope this tale runs to —
    infinity! . . . .

  9. “Do we need to wait any longer to see the next chapter, Hans?”


    “That’s right, that’s the next chapter — is Viz still making us wait?”


    . . . well, before I go through any more Abbott & Costello, get away — and go read Chapter Nein . . . um . . . 9!

  10. Well, perfect I dunno about . . . but I would hope this chapter eminently satisfied anyone who wasn’t sure this series was going to be funny. . . :]

    (And anyone who was beginning to doubt if there would ever be any progress on the social front got something to chew over toward the end, too!)

    So — that’s 10 chapters in the book now . . . which means there may be a book soon, too. And now it’s my turn to wonder: will they put out Japanese and English versions side by side? I for one would much rather have both. . . .

  11. I’m beginning to wonder if one of Takahashi-sensei‘s goals with Kyôkai no Rinne is to give a little tweak to the nose (or tug on the ear, perhaps) of conventional romance. Or the conventions of romance, anyway. (And after all, she’s been defying the conventional shônen/shôjo split for a long time, hasn’t she?)

    Not that I think she’s saying the eyes-meet-across-a-crowded-room instant, or the moment of restored-to-each-other-no-matter-who-or-what-dared-come-between romance, isn’t love. More like she’s pointing out that it isn’t all there is to love.

    It may be falling in love — if your luck runs that way, and runs together with your partner’s from that first moment. But falling in love is an event, a thing . . . a noun. Well, technically a gerundial phrase or something like that — oh, you know what I mean! A very important point in your life. Still, it’s just one point.

    Love is more like a verb. It’s an action . . . an ongoing action . . . a process . . . that goes on happening, and grows as it’s happening, between people. Or among people, if you include family groups of more than two people.

    And why am I gravitating to grammar here?! Maybe it’s my fault for borrowing a metaphor from R. Buckminster Fuller: “I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing – a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.” Now that I look at it, it does strike me as a bit Zenlike. Maybe Bucky Fuller and Takahashi-sensei aren’t that far apart.

    But of course she’s too much a stickler for accuracy to conventional Buddhism (and the Rumic Shinigami Sect of Buddhism) to convert the Wheel into a geodesic dome. . . :]

  12. @ John Maybe that’s why her manga’s always seem so refreshing, because she doesn’t always go with the conventional.

    I have to say I really enjoyed the last arc and YES, let’s hope we see a book soon 🙂

  13. I’ve seen a report saying Volume I will be released in Japan and the US on October 20. ($9.99 price also reported. My question as yet unanswered, though: will I be able to buy both J & E versions here? I hope so . . . partly so I can see whether Viz could still use another translator. . . :] . . .)

  14. @ John, Ooh nice, that isn’t too far away the way this year is moving itself along 🙂

    LOL I have no doubt there are some things we will find disagreeable.

    But really this is what has me excited at the moment –>

    Though I wonder if the ‘big announcement’ is just about them maybe releasing the animated short they made for the exhibition on dvd.

    We’ll see I guess 🙂

    *I know hubby is hoping for a negative on a new series, because he was happy when we bought the FINAL dvd. XD

  15. > We’ll see I guess 🙂

    I hope so. And I hope we won’t just see what we want to see . . . er, just because it is what we want to see. (You see?)

    Actually, I always thought that was kind of what Yotsuya was thinking as he opened Godai’s door the night of the “Alcohol Love Call”. In Japanese, it was simply “Nozokô. . . .” But in English, I might translate it more in his somewhat wordy style as: “Let’s see what we can see. . . .

  16. Well, Viz may be a bit later this time — but maybe they were throwing in a bit of lagniappe to make a truer baker’s dozen. Let’s go find out, shall we?

    It’s Wednesday the 13th, and a new chapter’s up!

  17. Viz’s blog points out that the accident victim’s best friend’s name is Tadano Tomoya 只野トモヤ . . . but that could be read as tada no tomo ya — ただの友や — “I’m just a friend.” To which I respond that the girlfriend’s name, Suzu Minami, could be turned around into English name order to make an English pun . . . Southern Bell[e] — 南 (の) 鈴!

    As for Reiji himself — well, among the possibilities, he could be the next thing to a spirit/ghost (霊次) or just next to nothing/a zero (令次). But now he’s been set up to exhibit “re-ji” (レージ) at his girlfriend and best friend. And his last name, Todoriki — well, it could mean he has the power (riki 力) of a Steller sea lion (todo 鯔) — or a fir tree (also todo 椴) . . . but a more interesting possibility is that he’s willing to consent in or agree with [the rage of] others (to-doriki 等肯).

    Others like our new friend, for instance. At least, he seems like the kind of person who’s liable to call you “friend” — even though he doesn’t know you very well. (As I’m sure Terry Pratchett wasn’t the first to point out, people like that aren’t friendly.) And he’s probably going to turn out to be from a family that lives in the Forest of Insanity. The Kô-Mori (狂森), that is . . . :] That could even be his family name, I suppose . . . though it may sound like a different kômori (蝙蝠) to those who look at him.

    BTW, isn’t he an interesting candidate for an opponent! We’ve already seen he has a lot of “character flaws” . . . I had a hard time trying to figure out what his first kanji was supposed to be until I looked up other words for “curse” than the one Rokumon-chan has been using, noroi (n; norou v). That could be either 呪い or 詛い. The one that’s supposed to be written here is 祟りor 崇り= tatari (n; tataru v). Those two are close to each other, of course — but either form looks a lot closer to what we see in the episode than either of the noroi brothers.

    But getting back to the other kind of new character. He may not write Japanese much better than Rokumon-chan, but he sure knows Rinne-kun . . . and the bad feeling’s mutual, not to say palpable. I almost wonder if he emphasized that -kun a little . . . could he have been an upper-classman at Rinne’s previous school? Of course, even if he’s not of a higher school class, he’s clearly of a higher socioeconomic class. Look at those clothes — and I bet it costs extra to have them specially tailored for those wings and spikes. Not to mention that he can apparently afford to literally throw around a cash card as a tool/weapon!

    And if we go back to the “definition” in Chapter 5, he may be our second damashi-gami . . . and our first “live one”. Though I doubt if this one worries much about meeting a quota — he can probably hire it done for him. No, he’s probably in it for the fun – the fun of luring temporarily disembodied spirits into going around haunting and cursing and all that . . . to the point where either they forget to go back to their bodies (or never get a chance to remember) or they actually can’t anymore for some reason – so the spirit has nowhere to go but back to the Wheel and a place in line for a next life.

    Mind you, if he’s as rich as he looks/acts, maybe he’s (also or instead) the loan shark ryogasgirl was suggesting. Which would bring its own flavor to the conflict. If nothing else, it might mean he’d want to compete for spirit-guiding work in the territory, so as to make it harder for Rinne-kun to pay off his own debt, much less help Tamako-sama with hers. So maybe there’ll be a new kid at school soon. . . .

    Another question: did Bat-Boy (holy name-guessing!) know Rinne-kun was in this area? (Wherever this area is that has a Moyori General Hospital. Actually, we could be in the city of Wakkanai. It’s on Hokkaidô, which has a lot of places with Japanese names “spelled” phonetically to match the names of the separate ethnic group concentrated on the island from older days, the Ainu. So if we have a place name that can’t really mean what it looks/reads like it should mean, Hokkaidô isn’t a bad guess for where we are. But I digress.) Obviously, Rinne and Rokumon have both been shopping at the Poltergeist Pines Festival Marketplace, so it wouldn’t be impossible for Bat-Boy or other more official authorities to have tracked them down by now. Still, it seems quite possible to me that Rinne has wanted to keep a low profile in the spirit world, anyway . . . which may be another reason why he’s unhappy to see his old “friend” Bat-Boy.

    Then, too, what will Bat-Boy make of Sakura-chan? (Especially once he finds out that she’s actually able to help Rinne-kun.) Will he try to take her away from Rinne-kun? . . . and, if so, for which reason(s)? And how will he try to do it? (Will his hypnotism work on her even though Rinne’s doesn’t anymore? Or will she have to pretend at some point that either or both of them can hypnotize her, perhaps so her help isn’t against the rules?)

    I know, it’s way too much speculation from way too little information. But after all, even one new character means an addition of a significant fraction to the known population of the spirit world . . . and opens up new possibilities for what we’ll see across Rinne’s border — or on the other side.


    Historical(/hysterical) note (of caution): For all I know, our friend may try to grab the moral as well as the financial high ground by claiming a connection with the original superhero of Japanese comics . . . the Golden Bat! (I’m not JK – this is a character who predates Batman and Superman, and not just because in at least one version of the story he’s awakened after a 10,000-year sleep.)

  18. (Yes, the above was only partly adapted from a comment posted elsewhere — where, after the end of the previous episode, someone else had suggested there might be a loan shark wandering about. Of course, this new character may not be the one; it may be an actual shark!)

  19. @ John Well speculating can be a LOT of fun 🙂 Apparently AmazonJP is taking pre-orders for the Rumic World dvd.

    Not sure I want to pay the $150 for it though, I’ll keep my fingers crossed Viz will give us a release since they did announce we’ll be getting an N.A release for the new series.

  20. Can’t find that announcement for you yet, Sakura . . . so instead, one spot of speculation.

    In chapter 14, when Suzu-senpai announced that the curse was operating (in her bentô-bako, yet!), your namesake wondered where her fellow ghostbuster was. I have two main thoughts. Either he’s getting the Yomi-no-Haori treated with a Devil-Flame-retardant . . . or he’s gone to tell on Masato-kun to the vice-principal of Wakkanai Lower Central Demon High School, and Bat-Boy’s going to get a month or two of detention. (Unless his parents can buy his way out of it. . . :] . . .)

  21. And now there’s no need to be a white-winged dove — we can all be on the edge of 17 . . .

    (Actually it seems to have been up for a bit already — maybe they posted it while I was meeting someone at the library . . . or otherwise distracted from this important stuff. . . :] . . .)

  22. I dunno — they’ve been getting *pretty* regular lately — by 1 or maybe 2pm Eastern Time. And why do I mention that now? Because — well, I don’t often paraphrase Alice Cooper — but . . .

    “There’s 18, and I’ll *liiiike* it!” . . .

  23. Hmm it is about time I started up a new thread!

    I like Masato, its started to make it pretty fun having him around 🙂

    But he doesn’t seem like the big bad, more Kouga type trouble 🙂

  24. But he does seem representative of what could at least be our first big conflict of the series.

    Thanks to this story arc, we now know Hell is independent of the United Federation of Future Paths (shinigami-fleet society). We’ve also been told that spirits who go to Hell don’t “recycle” in the Wheel’s normal pattern — at least not unless they can get out of Hell first. (And probably they can’t get out of Hell free. :] )

    So it looks like . . . demons and shinigami are competing for souls!

    Even the damashigami, who are cutting corners, still guide the souls to the Wheel — just prematurely. But demons apparently not only skimp on their scruples about waiting for the last spark of life to leave the body, but they actively “recruit” souls to come down to Hell. (If the default is for all souls to walk the paths of the Wheel, grabbing or luring them into Hell may well be the only way demons can add to their domain’s population — or restore it should someone get out.)

    What does anybody else think?

  25. Hmm so you think the big bad is gonna be a demon from Hell then maybe?

    Oooh YAY 19, that totally makes my day. If I can find time to read it, they have me chained to surgery at the moment…

  26. Yeah, that’s more likely than my other, wilder thought up to now: . . . that it’s no accident money has already played such a big role in the series, because Takahashi-sensei is aiming a little more directly than usual at the so-called real world.

    From what we’ve seen so far, Hell is more modern/up-to-date than the Wheel; maybe better off monetarily too — though of course that may be a false generalization from seeing Masato-kun. Well, I found myself wondering if that extends to matters of “higher” (or at least more complicated) finance. Could obligations like Tamako-sama‘s extra-high quota, and/or debts such as would arise from her failing to meet that quota, be “securitized” like mortgages and the like in our world? Made into tradeable commodities? And could her particular debt fall (or be financially induced to slide) into the hands of the Demon Bank? (Or a particularly rich demon or his family?) It would probably be against Wheel public policy to let souls go to Hell that don’t deserve it :} — but could or would anybody have and exercise the power to do anything about it? Especially if economic might makes anti-civil right. . . .

    That would be a big enough crisis for Rinne-kun to face for a while . . . especially if his old foe is involved. But what if there’s more? What if that couldn’t have happened without some active help from the quota-setter judge himself, for example? Would Rinne-kun find or feel himself even more firmly out on the border/edge/kyôkai of shinigamisociety, facing off against at least some of that society’s establishment?

    Or here’s a thought . . . what leverage does that judge have to enforce his agreement with Tamako-sama? If she defaults, could her own soul be foreclosed on and repossessed? Or could she declare spiritual bankruptcy and get out from under it for “sense on the dollar”? (Sorry.) I have to think a creditor in this kind of situation is going to want some security. What if souls/spirits are kept as collateral? . . . and if that’s true, then who would it be in this case? Well, Grandpa MacKerel, for one . . . but Rinne-kun seems pretty sure he’s out in the Japan Sea somewhere. Who are the next natural choices?

    Rinne-kun‘s Mom and Dad!

    That’s why *they* haven’t shown up yet! (I still think there’s going to turn out to be an interesting reason why we haven’t seen Sakura-chan‘s family yet, but it may not be as big a blockbuster as this could be. . . .)

  27. Oh, and I hope you’ve gotten out of surgery by now and had a chance to read Chapter 19 . . . something tells me you may like some of the developments in it. . . :] . . .

    (And should I stop adding to this thread, and wait for another one? If so, just type the word!)

  28. Some very interesting theories and if his parents were related in some way it would be a great incentive for Rinne-kun to get that money!

    Yeah I finally got to read it, although I had to wait half the day because the page wouldn’t load on the website for some reason.

    It started working again in the evening, maybe too much traffic or something.

    Stil,l fun to read and yet another rival for Rinne-kun to deal with, though he really seems oblivious to it all, which is pretty funny.

    And a new thread is up! 🙂

  29. I am already shipping Rinne and Sakura as well 🙂
    To heck with that random long-lost classmate 😡
    Perhaps there will be less problems than Inuyasha and Kagome had… As we all know their troubles were numerous.
    Although it’s only a matter of time until we have another “Naraku”.

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