Umineko+black cat? I’m all in for it


My subconscious needs for Umineko are surfacing, I kow they are. But even so, chapter 149 of To-love Ru was pretty awesome, mainly because of one of the few male characters that I have ever fangirled for. You know how you’d often come across those posts about which girls a person would like for their harems? This next character would be in my reverse harem if I ever have a say in it.


Well, he’s known as “Black” now, but he’s still awesome, minus that ugly jacket he always wore in the original Black cat.


I’ll admit something here: I didn’t particularly love the story of Black cat, the main reason that I liked it was because the art in the later volumes of the manga was jaw dropping BEAUTIFUL. May I add that the art is also the sole reason that I’m even reading To love ru? But the thing about black cat is that Train is an extremely  likable character, his affinity with milk as endearing as Edward Elric’s ongoing war against it.


However, as much as I lived Train’s cute side, it’s his darker side that really won me over. His emotions about losing someone that he loved and his unending determination. He is one of those characters that I can think back and say, “Yeah, I really loved his character!” Unlike some characters who fade away with time.


This time around, “Black” not only inherited his predecessors kickass assassin skills, focusing on a more “professional” demeanor, but he’s still absolutely adorable! This has given me a whole new incentive to read To-love Ru, oh pleaseohpleaseohplease make him a permanent character!!!

Speaking of killers, I’m hyped about the second season of Darker than Black, it’s either going to explain everything (like most fans want it to), or not explain the most important things (like that trainwreck that we all know and love). Either way, it’s going to be a blast.


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