And so begins the revolution – Naruto

Kaka sensei is alive

Before I get into the rest of it, there really is only one thing that matters right now.


In my last post I sarcastically wondered if Naruto would just not kill Pain and well he didn’t.

Rather than use the opportunity to gain the upper hand for Akatsuki, Pain chooses to put his belief in Naruto and using a jutsu brings back the newly dead of Konoha, but he doesn’t survive.

I’d cry, but for some reason my emotions run as cold as Konan’s expressions where Pain is concerned. Speaking of Konan she assures Naruto of her support, Pain is dead so there is no reason for her to ally herself with Akatsuki any longer and she will help him to realize the dream of peace.

You da man

Welcome back

Kakashi carries Naruto back to the grateful villagers who all welcome Naruto back enthusiaticaly, with Sakura taking particular care to welcome him back.



Though I’m sure he thinks taking the hit was worth the follow-through.

Bad decisions

But the celebrating doesn’t last for long, Tsunade is in a coma after using all her chakra to defend the village. At first it looks like Kakashi might be named Hokage, but the dimwits allow Danzo to talk them into naming another candidate… himself!

So not really a surprise, but seriously Kishimoto really is making it easy for us to root for Sasuke in his plot to kill Danzo and the council. While you’re at it Sasuke-kun take out the Daimyo of Fire Country, he isn’t worth the paper I wipe my ass with.

The question is, will those shinobi loyal to Tsunade stand for Danzo being Hokage or will they join alongside Sasuke and start a revolution to bring him down?

What are you up to

Zetsu relays what’s been going on with the Pain vs Naruto battle to Madara who sends Kisame off in search of the Hachibi. Zetsu reminds him they will need someone to take Konan’s place but Madara replies that he has something to take care of.

I’m sure by now that Kishimoto probably knows of the theories that Danzo and Madara might be one of the same. (You’ll notice they both have the same eye covered up…) So since this scene precedes that of the council meeting in Konoha we could come to the conclusion that Madara does his teleport thing back to Konoha to take on the role of Danzo.

I’m on the fence with this, though it will probably turn out to be a troll and the other matter Madara refers to will more than likely turn out to involve Sasuke, who still plans on heading to Konoha for his revenge.

Though in the last chapter Suigetsu had asked Sasuke if his wounds had healed, I wonder if Madara already punished him for letting the Hachibi get away…

Either way, Naruto’s world is gonna be totally different from here in out. BELIEVE IT! <— I know I know totally lame, but sometimes I just can't help it. They ask for it, they really do.


4 thoughts on “And so begins the revolution – Naruto

  1. @ Omisyth Maybe, I’m not going to hold my breath though.

    Given how long he dragged out the battle with Pain.
    I’m sure he can make the confrontation with Sasuke and the situation with Danzo last for another year at least.

    Then we still have some remnants of Akatsuki and of course both Naruto and Sasuke will have to power up before they can defeat Madara.

    Plus Naruto is gonna have to convince the rest of the villages to lay down their arms and accept peace…

  2. Pain: Guess we expected too much of him.

    Pain: Oh fuck not a goddamn revival jutsu.

    Pain: You feel for him with a goddamn hammer.

    Pain: The perfect example of villain decay.

    Pain: Never has a god been so fucking boring.

    Pain: Like Viagra, fails to uplift in the end.

    Pain: We never knew him.

    Pain: We didn’t want to know him anyways.

    Pain: Perfectly, exquisitely and completely lacking.

    Pain: His death is sadder than watching your puppy not die.

    Pain: in the ass.

    There’s some things in life that aren’t a complete piece of fucking bullshit. For everything else, there’s Kishimoto.

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