Umineko 4’s out in English!



This is both excellent (more Umineko is always a good thing) and horrible (I’m behind on the translation of devil on g-string and I haven’t studied for my finals yet).

Oh, who cares, Umineko, here I come!

2 thoughts on “Umineko 4’s out in English!

  1. Alright, new patch 🙂

    Oh yea, by the way, Choux, is it true that Sumisora is really going to bow out of translation business? Apparently, a few days ago, they removed all posts regarding their ongoing translation projects and made a brief statement about being under a lot of pressure lately and whatnot…

    I hope this doesn’t spell the end for the Chinese translation side, as that would be quite sad indeed -_-‘

  2. @deltazechs: From what I’ve read, they’re just going to be a more closed group. No more posts begging for helpers, no more updates, just a post for commencement and a post for the release. It’s kind of like what the Quartette people are going right now, I think. And there’s no worries about the Umineko translation, they are based in another forum anyway.

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