That was just absolutely satisfying. Everything, EVERYTHING, is okay now. All this time, all that pain, everything that ever happened is worth it, because that only makes this moment sweeter. Prepare yourself, play your favorite song from tsubasa, or any song that tells of a long awaited reunion. Then, go and read the 222nd chapter of Tsubasa resvoir chronicles.

What can I say? These 2 are my favorite paring, the two lovers that I support more than anyone else. Even when looking at this scene, you know that they will have to go through much more before they can truly be happy, that they will still have to pay the price, endure the long and painful suffering, unable to do anything to help their non-blood-related son. But you know what? They are strong. They will survive. They will love each other, no matter what happens.

Clamp is going on a break again, and I don’t even care. That’s how happy this chapter made me.

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