Cherry Blossom petal


A Single Sakura Petal
Vocals: riya
Lyrics: Key
Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Takumaru
Adapted from original BGM track “Haruka na Toshitsuki”

One day I walked with you on this slope where the sakura blooms
You were a person who was like a single flower petal

Inside of my dreams, I stood at this place when I chased after you
You said, “Please live without regrets”

I’ll name the story
That starts from there ‘life’
We struggled, grieved, lost things
Walking on our road

‘I’ll be by your side forever,’ that day when I vowed so
Becomes faraway; the wind blows and winter comes about

This me knew that I wanted to give you warmth
If I look back, there are distant years

Spring comes, and surrounded in the soft fragrance
A single flower flutters, looking down upon me

Now I’m still ascending this slope where the sakura blooms

Thank you to Atashi for the lyrics!

The story behind this post is that I was clearing my hard drive for the summer season, and then noticed an old clannad song that I haven’t heard in forever. Riya+Clannad+Jun maeda+awesome guitare part near the end=tears and awesomeness. I’ll admit that I cryed listening to this song, and you will too, if you know what Clannad is all about.


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