Going through Sea Story Ep1

vlcsnap-12356900:09: Oooh, fishies….

vlcsnap-12513300:33 :Okay, a ring falls down into the sea, and conveniently floats into the hands of a girl who’s almost naked. I’m getting a bad feelings about this…

vlcsnap-12598800:42: Okay, the girl is pretty and the production values are great. I’m getting a REALLY had feeling about this.

vlcsnap-12734101:05: Wow, the opening is so pretty, I’m getting serious Aria vibes from this. And considering the staff, it’s not surprising.

vlcsnap-12826201:44: Flying turtle? Seriously?

vlcsnap-12924002:30: Oh crap, yuri overtones. My fears has been realized. I’ve never had a good experience with Girl love, the last show I watched with GL in it was Simoun, and I hated it. I know that other people love it, but for so much of the time, GL is used as an excuse for fanservice, and I’m seriously hoping that this show won’t dive too much into that. (though looking at the skimpy outfits, I’m guessing that it’s a little too late.)

vlcsnap-13197603:08: “It’s fine, they won’t do anything bad to me, they have such pretty thing!”

Please don’t let her be the main character, this kind of attitude is the reason that I stopped watching K-on.

vlcsnap-13343503:51: Crap, they even have the younger sister as a foil…And there are sparkles too…There’s no going back after you pull out the sparkles…


vlcsnap-13777107:43: Skip beat reincarnated! You gotta love it when girls have evil auras.

vlcsnap-14096011:50: Boyfriend dumps her and goes with another girl after a few hours? OUCH.

vlcsnap-14340512:07: Please, no more, you’re killing me here…

vlcsnap-155560The ending doesn’t have the great vocals of the opening, but it is still very cute.

vlcsnap-149802Overall, I found the episode to be forgettable story wise, but great production-value wise. The story is just so cliched. Unknowingly releasing something evil? The evil just happens to get into something that the protagonist treasures? Been there, done that. I’m a little interested in the background of the sea people, as they’re definitely not mermaids, and I think that there should be an interesting story about how they ended up living in the sea, why they don’t get the bends, and how they know how to walk. But other than that, I think I’ll just get the soundtrack and forget this show.

P.S.: It’s been too long since I’ve blogged about an anime. Will try to do this more often 😛


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