Damn it, Akabeisoft2, don’t do this to me!

2007081202135044I was  going through, Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo, which was made by Akabeisoft 2, who later went on to make Devil on G-string. AND IT WAS FANTASTIC. How can I describe it? The touching moments are very touching, and in some places the crying power is almost as strong as AIR. The kickass moments are very GAR, making you cheer on the characters. And the shock of what really happenes to people who have broken the greatest laws…the absolutely mastery at which the writers had written in all the hints and pulled them together rivals that of EVER17.

BUT, the endings! They all have this weird and choppy feeling to them, placed, almost as if broken off from the main storyline, existing in another dimension (not much better that Princess Waltz). To supplement the endings, AK2 released a fandisc (Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu Shounen Shoujo). But, of course, that means extra money and extra years while I wait for a translation group, ANY translation group to release it!

Since I’m sure that very few of you share my agony, go and read this review to get pumped, and then go check the TLwiki and go through the agony of waiting for the game to be released…mua haha!


5 thoughts on “Damn it, Akabeisoft2, don’t do this to me!

  1. Sharin no Kuni had the best protagonist and antagonist I’ve seen in a long time, especially Hozuki. God, throughout the story you just wanna hate that guy for all the pain he is causing, but there is just something about his twisted sense of justice with the resonating conviction that he carries that just commands respect for such a villian. Like a blogger mentioned before, he is Darth Vader alright…

    It’s really too bad that the whole enigma behind Hozuki wasn’t really resolved in the original game (you get a slight hint of what he is trying to accomplish near the end, but it just wasn’t really revealed outright) I heard the fandisk’s story is based on Hozuki’s chapter/story, which is simply killing me!

  2. Oh and forgot to add, I thought it was a pretty cool moment when they finally reveal where Ririko was the whole time throughout the game (albeit a bit far-fetched, but it was pretty damn cool)

  3. @deatazechs: Oh yeah. Ririko’s existence in this=that dark blob thing in Fate=the kid in Ever17=Yui’s piano in Cafe chocolate=Kyou’s first confession in Clannad=o_0 SERIOUSLY? WHOA.

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