My journey through Umineko Ep1

vlcsnap-5158600:10: OMG, BEACTRICE. Haha, they used the game image! OMG Akiko Shikata, the song sounds awesome! OMG, I can’t believe that this is an anime!!!!!

What the hell, I sound like a rabid fan girl.

Ack, I don’t care anymore. I’ve been in love with Umineko too long to worry about how I sound right now.

vlcsnap-13888500:35: Gasp, a prettified Kanon! His clothes are as weird as ever, but ahhhhh…… he’s so pretty.vlcsnap-14063200:54: Ah, Maria actually looks human now! The game art was not that good in regards to her, as she had neither the build or the chest size of a 9 year old. Did you notice that all the women in this series has a big chest? If not, I’m telling you that they all have really big chests. There’s something wrong with that. And HURRAH for their decision to use the game music! I guess they finally learned. To those of you who didn’t know. Higurashi no naku koro ni (which was created by 07th expansion, just like Umineko) had absolutely fantastic game music, which was unfortunately replaced by a lackluster anime sound track. Fortunately the people over at Kyoani started to use original game music in their adaptions, and it all spread out from there.vlcsnap-15049400:56: Awesomeness.vlcsnap-15119100:58: Seriously, I’m loving the character designs, this is almost washing out the scars that playing Umineko has left on my artistic soul. On an unrelated note, Sayaka Ohara, the person who plays Beatrice, is the same person who did Yuuko of Xxxholic. I am so looking forward to her appearing. At the same time I’m disappointed at how  she appears to early in the series. In the games, the entire thing is balanced on Battler trying to prove that she doesn’t exist, and for the entire episode we didn’t even know whether or not she was going to show up. But, this isn’t too bad, most of the people who are looking forward to this knows that she’s going to show up anyway.vlcsnap-15622002: 26: BIATARICHE!!! Geez, I expected Engrish, but this is worse than I expected. Please stop and just call her Beato already. And this is much cheesier than I remembered.vlcsnap-16127402:41: Battler’s fear of boats is as funny as ever. I’m having trouble believing that this guy also voiced Koizumi Itsuki.


03:18: Whoa, George looks ugly. Comon, studio deen, don’t start this on the first episode!

…Suspiciously, he looks like Mikia from Kara no Kyoukai, with whom he shares a voice actor…Coincidence?

vlcsnap-17109003:22: Please, someone stop me before I gouge my eyes out. On a non related note, Maria is voice by Horie Yui, which means every time she opens her mouth, all I hear is Hanyuu. Hauu is unbelievable similar to Uu-uu-uu. Those who don’t get that should watch Higurashi.

vlcsnap-176013 Much better. But still disappointing. For two years I’ve wanted to see Maria’s creepy chant animated, and this is all I get?

vlcsnap-17762805:52: Am I? I think I am. KYAAAAAAAA!!! IT’S KANON!!!!!!!!!!!!

And his voice is absolutely fitting too. This is almost good enough for me to melt into a fangirl puddle.vlcsnap-17975206:35: Props to Studio Deen for using the clock. Now I just hope that they’ll use it properly.vlcsnap-18230306:55: SERIOUSLY? THAT’S KUGIMIYA RIE?vlcsnap-18764310:01: The pace of this was very scattered, especially compared to the game and the manga, and I have to say that the contents of this meeting just isn’t that interesting this time around. The backgrounds are also unsettling to me, as I ‘m just completely unused to it. However, 34 err…Eva sounds convincingly evil here, and I like it. Sadly, the animation just doesn’t match the voice…vlcsnap-19372520:12: Is that you, Beatrice? I think that Studio deen’s making things waaaaay to obvious now. What happened to the tension of wondering whether or not Beatrice exists? vlcsnap-19565922:01: The ending song sounds and looks AWESOME.

22:18: MY EARS! What an unfitting vocal. We need someone else to a cover of this song, immediately. Everything about it (besides the vocals) screams of awesome. Perferrably, I’d have Miku or Ami Koshimizu do the job, but seriously, I’d take just about anyone over this creaky old man thing that we have going on here.

Overall, I thought that this episode was okay, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

*Begs for Jessica to sing S.T.A.R.S, pretty please?

3 thoughts on “My journey through Umineko Ep1

  1. Greetings Chuox, I was on AIM with Flak when he shown me your art, it’s really good and I was so impressed that I felt the need to come here and greet you.

    (Actually, I’m not sure what to type now that I just greeted you. Nice to meet you? XD )

  2. nice post .. i watch it too ^^

    well .. i want the ending one is by akiko shikata too ..
    i’m big fan of akiko shikata hahaha ..
    but .. the opening one .. is lovely ..

    about beatrice .. well .. i really love the graphic .. it make her .. so pretty ..

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