Where is my real life Gundam movie?

RL Gundam

So whilst sitting through the loud, non-stop, eyeball popping, action-fest that is Transformers 2, it occurred to me.

If we can make a movie that can make mecha look this freakin sweet. (If you say Optimus Prime doesn’t look kick ass in this movie then you are a liar).
Why have we not yet gotten a sniff of a live action Gundam movie?

Gundam in the city

I think the ticket sales for Transformers has more than proved that my mecha whore brethren and I would more than willingly part with cash to see the metal titans battle it out against each other.

Blasphemous as it may be, I would rather shell out for a live-action Gundam movie than I would for EVA. Though I doubt even that is going to see the light of day since it seems like it will be in production hell forever.

Similarly I haven’t heard anymore on the live action FMP front, although it makes my heart giddy with happiness to think of a honest to god movie with Arbalest in it.


What would really make me happy would be to hear rumblings of a live action Macross. Think about it for a moment, just how effing amazing would that be? Keep thinking about it, see you can’t, because your brain just shuts down at the sheer enormity of just how sweet that would be.

Of course all of us fans in the States would have to cry until someone subbed it and uploaded the torrent for us, because such a movie would never see the light of day over here, even if it were to happen.


Oh well at least we have live-action Blood The Last Vampire to look forward to.

Now how about a live-action Rurouni Kenshin…

22 thoughts on “Where is my real life Gundam movie?

  1. I’m actually shivering and flinching at every thought. If Hollywood takes Macross and/or Gundam to make a live-action movie … I think I’d rather freeze myself and wake up in the hundred years instead of living in this age where the world is ruining all that I love.


  2. Somebody never heard of G-Saviour.

    Nobody is talking about a live-action Gundam because they don’t want to relive those memories.

  3. The most likely is Macross maybe in its Robotech guise. Armoured Core would be ok as well. I’m not so keen on Gundam, as instead of the good parts, shit from shows like Wing or Seed would more likely feature.

  4. Giant robots+insanely high Hollywood budget=good.
    Gundam+randomly weird American actors=me hiding in a hole for the rest of my life…

    Oh, speaking of which, are you looking forward to Gundam Unicorn?

  5. Also, Gundam movie = Gundamfags fighting forever about which series is adapted/why it isn’t their favorite series getting adapted/why the series getting adapted will be translated poorly. And then there is the horrible possibility of Hollywood making their own damn Gundam series that Japan will shun forever like 1998’s US Godzilla movie.

  6. @ saimaisama, Well if there were to be a live action Gundam movie, I would hope there would be little Hollywood input.

    @ Iz, Well they can use G-Saviour as a blue print of what not to do.

    @ tj han I would love a Macross movie above all, even above Gundam. Especially if Shoji had a big hand in it, because then we would be almost guaranteed something that didn’t turn out to be a complete pile of CRAP!

    @ Choux Well yeah, ideally it would have the special effects and big booms of a Transformers movie, but without the Hollywood actors.

    Trust me when I heard the rumors that Zac Effron might be involved in live action Full Metal Panic, I did scream out NOOOOOOOOOOO!

    And yes, I look forward to anything Gundam, although that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m happy with what I get…

    @ jp meyer Its okay, its bad enough it warrants bringing up twice, so that it may never occur again. We hopefully learn from our mistakes after all.

    Well everybody except Sunrise when it comes to Gundam.

    Seed Destiny, crap, 00 S2 made me weep with disappointment.

    Why? Why when you have something somewhat decent going in the first season, do you have to turn around and make all your characters turn into complete dimwits who shouldn’t even be operating a flashlight never mind a mobile suit?

    I’ll never forgive the them for Cagalli, going from a spitfire with a strong backbone, to a worthless sack of pathetic crap. Not that she was the only one who was the victim of character assassination.

    @ Kiri, Oh no doubt, the internet squabbling would be legendary!

    If a Gundam movie were to be made, I expressly hope that there be no Hollywood input, except for ILM maybe being involved in the effects.

    Although the Japanese had some pretty decent effects going in movie Returner.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that if we can put together a half decent flick with giant mecha. Considering its in their wheel house the Japanese should be able to manage it.


  7. I think they could do a good live action gundam movie but they would probably screw the whole story up because every asshole in hollywood thinks their vision is superior to the original. As far as fighting over which to make, I say start from the beginning and see where that gets you. Why not a force-five movie or any of the tons of anime that I love, probably because they will pull another Dragon Ball and rape the series.

  8. @ Bob, I know I don’t know why they decide to make a movie on something that is popular, because its popular. But then proceed to mess with everything that made it popular.

    I’ve been hearing in the G I Joe movie for instance that they are going to pair Scarlett up with Ripcord. RIPCORD?? WTF??

    Its Snake Eyes all the way dammit!

  9. The reason why there is no real life action Gundam is quite a number of reasons. Many of which have to do with Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino attempting to do so in the 1980’s without the permission of Sunrise Studios. The project was attempted by Lions Gate Studios. They attempting to redo the mobile suit designs for American audiences.


    First of all, you’d have to convinse Sunrise parent company Namco Bandi Holdings and Yoshiyuki Tomino to do so. I’m pretty sure that Tomino would want to review every inch of the script and have veto power over any American studio objection.

    Second, you’d need a major successful American studio partnership and Bandai. Paramount because of Transformers would be most likely, possibly 20th Century Fox because of Star Wars.

    Third, you’d need a director who has the reputation of treat such material seriously. Obviously, I wouldn’t pay to see Michael Bay, Spike Lee, McG, the Wachowsk brother’s, John Woo, or any of these kinds of directors touching Gundam. Now if we’re talking Christopher Nolan, Bryan Singer, Ridley Scott, or Doug Liman, those directors would be good with me. Worse case would be Peter Jackson or Steven Spielburg.

    Fourth, you need to decide which gets adapted first. If it flops, that it. There’s no way ZZ gets adapted. LOL. Is it Gundam, Gundam Wing, or Gundam 00? More than likely, its Gundam with the focus on the One Year War.

    Fifth, you need a lead actor. Whether its Amuro Ray, Heero Yuy, or Setsuna F. Seiei, the lead actor is crucial. If its Amuro Ray, you need an actor that doesn’t come off as bitchy, because Amuro can come off that way. Whoever it is, has to display teenage angst in a convinsing way. Also, the supporting cast has to be very strong. If you’re doing Gundam, then the role of Bright Noa has to be strong. You’d need a great actors for Char Aznable, Garma Zabi, Ramba Ral, and the Zabi family. The roles of the women involved have to be strong too. Preticularly important is Sayla Mass and Fraw Bow.

    Finally, you have to have a damn good script. It can’t be rushed, compromised, or half assed. It has to be very well done. It has to be done in such a way that it modernizes the material but stays true to the source. So this is not an easy undertaking, but its not totally impossible. I seriously doubt we’ll see it unless we have one hell of a pitchman or director step up to make it reality. I’d love to see it.

  10. @JoseG, I whole heartedly agree with you on pretty much everything.

    OMG a Nolan Gundam movie would be so awesome, if he could bring the grit he brought to Batman!

    But yeah its unlikely the stars will ever align right, so we’ll just have to keep dreaming.

  11. @optimus: =w= LOL. That’s preety funny coming from you.

    I agree with you there. I’d like to see Gundam rather than Eva, if we’re talking about live-action adaptations. That pic is so badass. I’m crying manly tears.

  12. @ Optimus, LOL can’t say that I have seen it yet. I will be going to see G.I Joe though. Can’t wait to see Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fight it out.

    @ Rakuen I’m biased in this case, because I hate EVA. I know its blasphemous but I really do. On the other hand I do love RahXephon.

  13. I just saw district 9 today….it was a so-so movie GREAT SFX! AND they totally used the gundam/mecha style for the alien machines……coming to the fact that…if you are a director/writer/producer, and you KNOW the impact that Gundam Wing had on the US, you would be stupid not to jump on that idea! And for a director…you would want someone who would stay halfway true to the anime **cough** zack snyder! I mean come on people! dont be afraid of it turning out like DB:evolution…think about who directed it! get a good director**cough***zack snyder**cough** AND GO FOR IT! and just for the sake of time and story…..do gundam wing! It was the first big gundam show in the US AND it starts out with action! YES give a lil back story on gundam at the beginning and the go for it. And the cast should not be hard to determine. And ppl who say they dont want another G-savior need to be quiet! That was how many years ago? and who was the director? GOOD QUESTION! and what was the budget???? WHO KNOWS!! It would be way more than g-savior, heck, i havent seen g-savior, it looked dumb! anyway…what i’m saying is that if you can do movies like DB: evo….and Transformers….OH and AVATAR?? ??????? maybe someone will see our posts and give it a shot…lol

  14. I know there is a live action gundam movie i seen it a few years back but can not remember the name the graphics where ok the story line sucked bad and you didn’t get to see the gundam until the end of the movie and it was only for 2 or 3 minutes.

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