Katawa Shoujo=awesomeness

shoujoGender Bender Haruhi+Lelouch+Ikuno=awesomeness in my books. Seriously, just putting Ikuno there made me gain a whole new level of respect for them.  Four leaf just released act 1 of Katawa shoujo (in my eyes, at least, I hadn’t been keeping track of it), and I’m surprised, by how good the art is, how good the music is, how interesting the story is, and how amazingly everything is put together.

I can only hope that Sepia tears can match up to it. I know that I can beat this quality of art, but damn, that’s going to take a LOT of work…

P.S.: Rin is awesome.


4 thoughts on “Katawa Shoujo=awesomeness

  1. Aye, been out for a while, but regardless, I really do enjoy this VN so far. Shizune is totally my waifu. I really hope they can get the full version out sometime during this lifetime!

  2. Lol, I didn’t notice this. So they have that kind of sense of humour too… Great. The game I mean.

    I hope the full version will be released soon.

    P.S. Lilly is my love~

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