The H word

Okay, first things first. Congratulations to Tess for winning my Miku Love contest! I was planning to have the prize as me doing a drawing of anything the winner asked for, but since you seem to be a better artist than me, so I guess it’s not much in terms of a prize. Contact me through DA if you want it, I’m chocolate-choux.


Oh, crap, if you’re reading this then it means that the picture of Kyou I drew didn’t hold your attention. I expected as much, I did it in a hurry  it’s not finished anyway.  I’ll make it short then. Because of a family situation, the unexpected harshness of the summer course I’m taking right now (if I get under 95% I’m not getting anymore money from parents, and god knows I need that money), the fact that I’m getting behind in the translation of Devil on G-string, and the fact that I’m now working on Eternal’s Sepia Tears project, I don’t have time to really write here anymore. So, it’s a short and temporary hiatus until I get the damned physics course over with. See you in a month, people!


9 thoughts on “The H word

  1. What a wonderful picture you drew, Choux! 🙂 I like the composition with a dynamic posture and flowing hair. My favorite parts of the picture are the paintbrush feel your shading emanates and shining deep purple eyes 🙂

    It seems like you are very busy right now, and your parents are very demanding… I wish you luck in that physics course! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous work as always Choux.

    My mother is Indian so I feel your pain and I have a friend with similar parents…

    That being said GOOD LUCK, I just hope you get some form of relaxation this month!

  3. What are you talking about Choux! Your art is very lovely, and I especially couldn’t take my attention OFF of Kyou here. I really like her in that dress. XD

    I’ve been away from home for over a week so I’m only finding out I won now, but I’d love something from you~ I really need rest now though so I’ll get back to you on DA a bit later. :3

  4. Nice Kyou drawing right there. You certainly have a way with colors, and since it’s Kyou, that’s plus points for me. I hope you get past that endeavor of yours.

    BTW. Choux, what kind of avatar are you guys using here?

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