Bye bye English translation, hello Chaos;head

moe 49409 sampleOkay, too many people have talked about this already, but Jast is teaming up with Nitro+, which is awesome because this might let game companies realize that there’s actually a North American Market, forget about that whole Hirameki incident, and try to reach out to us instead of banning foreign IPs like so many companies are doing now. If we’re lucky, the market will be turned to more worthwhile games like Sharin no Kuni instead of the next X-change spin off.

The problem with that is I’ve been waiting for C;H to finish for quite a while now, and I’ve even decided to now play the Chinese version (which was released a long time ago), and go with English instead. But, Nitro+ has asked the translation group to stop everything that they’re doing on the project. What’s the problem with that, you ask? It’s not that I can’t have my game anymore, it’s about what they’re going to do about the game. Are they going to use the fan scripts, go over it, and release it just like that, saving themselves work? Or are they going to start over from scratch? Better yet, are they even GOING to release Chaos Head for North America? If they ARE going to release it, and I WILL support them if they do, will they credit those people who used their spare time to try and make this whole thing come true without getting and compensation money wise?

Unless Jast releases some news about this soon, I’m just going to go with the Chinese version. But what do you think?In your opinion, how should these companies act towards us fan translaters?

P.S.: still kinda on hiatus, this just really bugged me.


4 thoughts on “Bye bye English translation, hello Chaos;head

  1. There was a beta patch out you could get in the irc channel a long time ago. I’m not really sure about now but it translated most the game to english.

  2. Demonbane and Jingai Makyo.

    I’m not too sure about Chaos;Head though, but the leaders of the Nitro+ translations are savvy with it, and we really should respect their decisions to do something this extremely heartbreaking.

    That, and the leader of the Demonbane project is a friend of mine and if he were paid, he’d actually finish the whole game instead of one route. (MAKOTO, RURI IS BETTER THAN AL AND YOU KNOW IT 😦 )

    So I’m hoping Peter Payne does the right thing (and I bet he knows the right thing to do) and pays the translators a fair wage. It’d be the best for everyone.

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