InuYasha is BACK!

Inu is back

He may be half demon, but nothing is scarier than InuYasha’s rabid fangirl base.  Well except maybe Sasuke Uchiha’s rabid fan girl base.  Really its a toss up as to who is more insane.

Today executives at Williams St, the headquarters for Adult Swim, began to tremble with fear. After hearing the news that a new series of the InuYasha anime has indeed been green-lit, they went into extreme panic mode, scared shitless by the realization that rabid fangirls would soon start spamming their boards demanding to know air dates!

That’s right everyone INUYASHA IS BACK!

Suwa-san has been true to his word according to the news from ANN, the final chapters of the InuYasha manga will finally be animated.

This seriously made my day, InuYasha was the show that got me sucked back into the world of anime. It was pretty much my first shounen title and while there were times the power up arcs made me want to scream in frustration, I never lost my love for it.

And here I thought I was finally done collecting dvd’s for this show XD Guess I’m going to need to buy more shelving.


27 thoughts on “InuYasha is BACK!

  1. @ Baka-Raptor, True and I guess it makes sense since you know its going to be a guaranteed hit, so the studio knows they aren’t wasting money.




    Oh, and I’m happy for you, Sakura. 😀

  3. @ maggeh Thank you, sorry its not good news for you though.

    Will the fact that there is lots of nasty InuYasha x Kouga fanfiction out there make you somewhat happier?

  4. Yaoi pairings. 8D

    But Kouga x Yasha pairing actually makes people HAPPY.

    I want pairings that’ll make yaoi fans go WHAT THE FUCK and rage.

    Therefore, I propose the worst pairing of all in InuYasha! Yasha x Kagome! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! DESPAIR, YE FUCKING INUYASHA FANS, DESPAIR!

    … What do you mean, that’s the official pairing?


  5. …what the hell, it’s back?

    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it
    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it
    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it
    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it
    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it
    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it
    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it
    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it
    I have to watch it
    I can’t watch it…..onwards to infinity…

  6. @ maggeh, LMAO, well I guess if you want a pairing that pisses a lot of people off you’d have to go with Inu x Kikyou 😛

    @ Choux LOL, I am sure that there are many people out there who felt exactly the same way when they saw the news.

    @ Seinime Ditto!

  7. He may be half demon, but nothing is scarier than InuYasha’s rabid fangirl base. Well except maybe Sasuke Uchiha’s rabid fan girl base. Really its a toss up as to who is more insane.

    hahaha 😀

    That’s very exciting news 🙂 It’s nice that they will animate the finale 🙂

  8. There was a beta patch out you could get in the irc channel a long time ago. I’m not really sure about now but it translated most the game to english.

  9. Yes I am so happy they needed to finish up the shitty ending they originally made. They can’t bullshit the fans like that and they know it. I hope this ending is better.

    P.S. This made my day too 🙂

  10. @ Kitsune Totally! Although the post on your site about the Macross movie made me equally as excited.

    @ Raigo I’m glad you put up that second comment clarifying, I was having a WTH moment there for a sec 🙂

    @ Ironpanthe12, Maybe, maybe not. It would be nice in the anime ending at least if we got to see a bit of Kouga and the crew.

    I did hear a while back that Takahashi was going to write a InuYasha special so maybe that will finally tie everything up. As to when that might be though I have no idea, guess it depends on how much of her time Rinne is taking up.

  11. Don’t hold back, Maggeh — tell us how you really feel. . . :]

    And Sakura . . . well, hey, just think of this . . . could even the power-up arcs be worse than the neverending pre-battle posturing in (ulp) Dragonball?! . . . :]

    (And even there they squoze in some character development once in a great while. . . .)

    • @ John

      I could fill up a few pages detailing how much I hate that goddamn series, but I’d rather not rain on everyone’s parade of joy.

      I can always do that later.

  12. @ John I’m still going to fervently hope for no filler this time round 🙂

    Its less of the power up and more of the fact I’m not sure I could handle another Shippo-centric bunch of episodes.

    Though he will get his day when they get to the Kitsune Academy arc. XD

  13. Well, Takahashi-sensei does seem to like writing about characters growing . . . as in maturing, learning from life . . . and you can at least make a good case that Shippo is the one with the most room to grow. (Though there are a few others who could give him a good run for that crown! . . . :] . . .)

  14. INUYASHA is BACK???!!!!

    Oh no…

    I’m not sure if this is a good news or a bad news for me, but I’m sure it’s good news for those fangirls. That’s ok.

  15. @ new Inuyasha

    Totally, with all the original crew back it should hopefully be just as it was in the past.

    Which will be great because I loved it back then.

  16. I realize this is an old blog/thingy but I couldnt help but wonder….are you guys talking about Inuyasha: The Final Act? You’ve all probably watched it by now though o.o

    I think im talking to myself xD oh well! Well I loved the last season of the anime! never read the manga….just watched the anime! and they kissed again in the last episode >:D a very long kiss…so i think ppl will be happy with that. And Kouga married Ayame, didnt looking willingly tho in my opinion o.o but what the heck…judging by the summary on the manga’s ending, i like the anime ending better.

    well talking to myself is getting boring. LONG LIVE INUYASHA!

    (Or die Inuyasha….to all the haters out there :D) Id cry if he died o.o i think, im pretty sure I wud. cause tht wud suck. i hate when main characters die at the end….okay i have ADD i swear!

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