First Impressions – Canaan

01 - Canaan

If you watch one action movie this year, watch Transformers 2. Forget about plot, its all about the action.   So if you watch one action anime this year, make it Canaan.

02 - Do you know Grace

I wonder if she knows a lady called Grace…

Unlike Transformers 2, Canaan does seem to have more of a plot going for it, but really that isn’t really your focus while watching this show.

03 - guns guns guns

They really do go all out with the action. Gun fights, car chases, oh and did I mention hot chicks with guns?

04 - Kitty

If girls with guns aren’t your thing though, maybe you wouldn’t mind a date with Miss Kitty 🙂

05 - Maria

Or maybe cute is more your thing. You might want to take ear plugs along though, hearing her scream sugoi can get kind of old…

But that’s okay you’ll be too immersed in all the pretty explosions, kick ass fights and enough ammo to put Hot Shots and Hot Shots part Deux to shame! 😉

If you like action, trust me, Canaan is definitely your cup of tea.

3 thoughts on “First Impressions – Canaan

  1. I am not into action shows usually, but this one has excellent directing and music 🙂 I’ll keep blogging this show 🙂

    It seems that some people expected this to be a very serious show, but there is plenty comedy actually 😛

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