Summer of art: Kaji

I’ve did art posts before, but they were all of commercial artists, so this time, I’ve decided to do a post every couple days of unknown artists for DA and Pixiv, for the rest of summer. Since they are pretty unknown, they’ll be more of picture posts than real information. But, I hope that I can get a few readers to love at least 1 new artist, that’s my goal.

First up, じむ(kaji

Website: Pixiv, Circle, Scraps

2318466A member of Pixiv that I discovered through the fantastic Pixiv Girls collection (review1 review2), Kaji is an absolutely amazing artist with beautiful colors, an exquisite attention to detail, and a killer fashion sense.








The big problem with these “unknown” artists is that they’re unknown. So please, if you find out that this artist is doing something interesting, TELL ME. Share your love with the rest of the world!


2 thoughts on “Summer of art: Kaji

  1. Absolutely wow. It’s a shame we don’t know anything about these artist.

    The first, the second to the last, and the last ones are to die for.

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