Eden movie (Updated*)

Minori‘s newest game, eden* (yes, you have to write the *), had its opening movie released. And it reminds me SO much of Ef. The fluid animation, the violins, the voice, the drop dead GORGEOUS Makoto Shinkai backgrounds! (speaking of which, I FINALLY ordered his artbook, sora no kioku).

Unfortunately, Minori is still closing its site to foreign IPs, so I can’t find a good, high quality video, but this is still very beautiful. I want to play this game~


To those who do not understand Chinese, scroll down until you see eden_demomovie_16x9.zip. When you click it, a blue box will show up, and from that click the blue link under 115m. (I’m SO glad that we have fanatic Chinese nerds that can bypass the IP ban and upload videos for us).


7 thoughts on “Eden movie (Updated*)

  1. I might have to get tech gian for a better quality video!
    Looks very amazing, and I love the plot, from what I can see. From what I can gather, Makoto Shinkai wasn’t involved in this op, but TENMON’s signature music definitely unifies the feel.

  2. Well the last time I bought tech gian (some time ago) I did it for the Makoto Shinkai video of a minori game (at that time it got an early exclusive release on the tech gian DVD).

    BTW, there is an mp4 of the video floating around (seems to have been released by the Chinese comrades). I’m at work right now so I haven’t torrented it yet, but it could be worth checking out.

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