Yunohana review

yuno_osc50You’re riding your motorcycle


You’re crashed and dying.

But don’t worry, a nearby goddess saves your life and heals you, but in exchange, you have to pay her a good deal of money, which, as a broke college student, you don’t have. So now you’re stuck in a small hot springs town, because the goddess’s powers only reach as far as her land, and if you leave the town you’ll die. In order to make money, the goddess cooks up a tall tale of the two of you being siblings who own loan sharks an incredible amount of money. And for the next month, you work jobs in the town and starts to get know the people there.

Made in 2005 by Pulltop (the same company that brought us kanisino and princess waltz), Yunohana is a cute slice of life story about some people who live inside a snowy, small, town.


88999ecd03a4df4f0fb345cbYunoha is your resident goddess. She’s cheerful on the surface but secretly manipulative and sadistic, with the odd bashful tsundere moment. She’s pretty much scrooge reincarnated, and pounces on cash like there’s no tomorrow. Because she’s cute looking, she uses her looks to get food from the townspeople, and that would be a LOT of food, seeing as she has an endless appetite, match only with her love for eating. She has absolutely no problems with lying , and whenever someone asks about there she came from, she whips out her tear jerking (and long) tale of living a harsh life with her “Brother”.

But, there’s something dark hidden in her past, and why she’s a goddess in this town…

4b600b8d325a780cb31bbad4Wakaba is your sterotypical nice, happy go lucky person. Her family owns the town’s bath house, and after seeing you and your “sister”, she had happily asked the two of you to stay with her until you get enough money.

A very typical girl next door type with not much substance.

4160ea45b4a69521879473d4Tsubaki’s family owns the liquer store, but that’s just her day job. She’s also a really popular author who had published a load of highly successful books. She’s a responsible person who works hard and doesn’t hesisate in using voilence to get things done. Seeing as she grew up around liquer, she drinks a LOT of it, and on day, she got drunk with you and the two of you woke up the next day naked together with no memory of what happened the night before…

cb6a3336a69e6fc3a3cc2bd7Honami’s family owns a restraunt, and she can see ghosts. So, imagine her surprise when she finds out that she’s got a living zombie right next to her! The good thing is that she’s a quiet person who really loves dead and gory things, and as her mother falls ill the two of you start to get closer together. Then, you hear about a legend that spread through the town, and you have a frightening idea about just where her spiritual powers came from…

Readers beware, there’s a LOT of smut in her story.

fecafa265bcd5f098a82a1d0Yuma is not a heroine, but she’s hilarious as a side character and obsessively gay for Wakaba.


The art was done by the same person that did Kanisino, but it’s not as polished. The characters are simple and sometimes inconsistent, but still cute nevertheless. The background art was surprisingly good, and there are a lot of event CGs, even if too many of them are wasted on the h-scenes.


It’s happy, it’s fluffy, there’s SOME serious plot in there, but it passes by rather quickly. There are a good number of h-scenes, but it’s not too much. The main attraction in this story is in  the comedy romance angle, and that part is done quite well, with long running gags and really cheesy lines.

“Compared to the sum of everything that I can see, compared to the entire world that I can’t see, I love you even more even more!”

“Even if for every 100 seconds, there’s 99 seconds that you aren’t thinking of me, it’s still fine.”


When you’ve gone through the 3 heroines, you can unlock the true ending-Yunoha. Her story’s a bit darker than the other heroines, and deals with a distant past that kind of reminded me of Air, through not nearly as sad.

It’s a warm story that’s good if you want to relax and don’t want your brain to be overworked (like in Umineko) or screwed (like in Saya no Uta).


The music’s not absolutely amazing, but it is well composed and you won’t get tired of it.


It”s nice and simple. If you want a certain ending, you just go to the place that the girl works at, and there’s nothing preventing you from getting to the story. There’s more than enough save slots for the story, and the menus are stylish. That said, there isn’t anything that’s especially good or outstanding about it either, and the functions here are like 80% of every other VN in the world.


Art: 8×3=34/30

Music: 8/10

Programming: 7/10

Total:84/100 b+

A happy, fluffy, funny, and cute story that’s entertaining, Yunohana’s a game that I’d happily recommend to people that aren’t looking for anything too deep.

One thought on “Yunohana review

  1. Ah almost forgot about this game, got it a while back cause FutureDigi localized it in traditional chinese….still need to get around to it…. 🙂

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