Artist post: Shimeko

untitled Shimeko (whom I ALSO discovered in the Pixiv girls collection)  is a not-that-well-known artist, and the only drawings that I could find was from her sites and 2 doujins. However, in this case it’s quality over quantity, and I LOVE her use of colors and that fine line she treads between the solid and the ethereal.

By the way, the above image is where my avatar came from.

Sites: Piapro Pixiv Blog

3She is also affiliated with the production of music on niconico, this image is from a music video which you can see here.

4279463She also does quite a bit of fanart, particularly for vocaloids. She even dedicated a doujin to them (the cover of which is the above miku picture).

motoIsn’t that picture of Rin and Len adorable? If you don’t understand what the picture is about, then that means you haven’t seen Kokoro and kokoro kiseki yet. Go and watch the videos, it’s one of the most emotional things that I’ve ever seen. By the way, interesting fact about those PVs: they were made by a Chinese person (I feel proud).


This is the album art for Exit tunes presents Vocarythm featuring Hatsune Miku, which is a fantastic collection of Hatsune Miku songs, if I do say so myself.

mmmmmYou’ve probably noticed by now, but her use of colors is absolutely fantastic, not to mention that all her characters look adorable~


Of course, one can always spare some love for our favorite harvest goddess.

click on this, seriously, it's HALIRIOUS

click on this, seriously, it's HILARIOUS



3295581Of course, her original characters are also fantastic. For those who doesn’t know, the above image is of the Chinese legend of the moon. A rabbit lives there, pounding medicine with a rod besides a man who is forced to chop down wood everyday (due to upsetting a sage) and a woman who cannot leave the moon (she can’t go to heaven because she used to be immortal but married a mortal man, and she can’t go to earth because her husband is there and she took away his only chance of living an eternal live with her by eating the medicine of immortality).

5385315_mAnd of course, the mandatory touhou image, you can see a preview of her touhou doujin here. It’s going to be released at c76, and you KNOW that I’m going to try my hardest to get that doujin. At c76, she’s also releaseing a bunch of merchandise, but the chances of me getting those are between exteremely slim to none…sob…

5478928I’m ending this with a colab between Shimeko and Pixel Phantom.  Seriously, how awesome is that?


11 thoughts on “Artist post: Shimeko

  1. Shimeko is extremely well-known in the Pixiv/Doujin community, but since she’s not pro, she’s still not that mainstream, I guess. Anyways, great post! More people need to love Shimeko’s soft and unique transparent style. I have no idea how she does it.

  2. Super amazing. She/He did a nice job with smudging and color blending techniques– something I still find very intricate and hard to comprehend. I better lurk some more in pixiv.

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  4. …….i am a moran and i don’t watch anime that much but for naruto so i don’t even know what on earth in those things …….so…..yeah…….NARUTO ROCKS

  5. Do you know Shimeko’s pixiv page? I saw the picture in pixiv girls collection. I try to find the name, but i did not find it. So if you know Shimeko’s pixiv page, please tell me! thank you

    You can sent it to my e-mail, if you have it:

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