Close to first impressions

Close to is a pretty old game by KID (who brought us the fantastic infinity series, including ever17), and after reading four 10 page long recommendations from various forums and sites, I’ve decided to give it a go. I mean, the art is by Goto-P, and it’s rated as one of KID’s three classic games, it HAS to be good.

63935However, like the rest of KID’s games, it is awful when it comes to programming. The videos show up off color, you can’t save when you want, and the game crashes, left, right, and center. It crashes when the opening video starts playing when you are looking at another window and try to go back (my computer died from that, TWICE, because the opening turns on by itself when you’re at the menu, WITHOUT WARNING). It crashes randomly when you’re going through the story, and most importantly, it crashes without saving the system information, making things very annoying.

So far, I’ve only been through the main heroine, Yuna’s story (that’s the girl wearing pink, believe it or not she’s supposed to be 18), and while it was sweet it just wasn’t that interesting. Not to mention that her voice is so squeaky and annoying that she gives Aoi Oribe a run for her money (thankfully I’ll never have to listen to ANYTHING with Omimura Mayuko EVER AGAIN). I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ending credits, Rie Kugimiya’s character had the nicest sounding voice in the entire game (she did Yuki, who is really similiar to Nagato Yuki). However, I have been warned that her story’s the plainest of all the heroines, so I’ll charge on and hope that the rest of the stories are worthy of their classic status.


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