Omoi no kakera -Close to- review

CLOSE TO-800-1You are Motoki, a normal guy with a normal girlfriend. However, that all changes when you gets into a car accident trying to get your girlfriend out of harm’s way. Due to that, you land in a coma, becomes a wandering spirit, and your girlfriend loses all her memories of you. When the doctor proclaims that you only have 2 weeks to live, you know that you HAVE to do something. But what can you do? There’s no way for you to communicate with the living, is there…?

Made in 2003, at KID’s prime (that happens to be the company that brought us the infinity and memories off series), Omoi no kakera -close to- is a story about promises and love (with a little bit of the paranormal thrown in).


柏木游那Yuna is your girlfriend, and believes it or not she’s actually 18. She’s also your childhood friend, a kind and childish innocent soul who landed you in a coma. When the two of you werewalking in the rain, she saw something and rushed toward it, you pulled her out of the way when she saw a truck coming. She blames herself for getting you in harm’s way, and her mind supressed her memories, because the load was to heavy to bear.

There isn’t much to her story (thankfully, her voice makes my ears bleed), but it’s still really sweet. When you complete her story Mai’s path is unlocked.

汐见翔子Syoko is your OTHER childhood friend. Unlike the airhead Yuna, she’s responsible, likes to take care of others, and cares for Yuna after her memory loss. A cheerful and straightforward person, she was the one that brought you and Yuna together. But she’s hiding something, something that she hadn’t talked to anyone about all this time…

Syoko’s story is probably the most realistic out of all the girls.

橘小雪As you wandered around town, you managed to meet one person who could see you, and that was Koyuki. However, she’s as cold as an iceberg and refuses to have anything to do with you. After a lot of begging on your part, she agrees to help you control your spiritual powers, but only for a bit. Why can she see ghosts? What’s that secret hidden in her heart? And why do you get the nagging feeling that you know her from somewhere?

Her story’s the saddest out of all the girls, and no matter what you choose, the ending will be bittersweet.


Mai is the other person who could see you, a little girl who spends most of her time sitting under a cherry blossom tree (to tell you the truth, she reminds be of Sakura from Da capo). She’s all out happy and loves to tease you, but she gets grumpy whenever you treat her like a kid. She’s probably what you’d call the “true heroine”, as the events surrounding her is the basis for the entire game.


Goto-P did the art for this game, although I’m sorry to say that this was BEFORE he got good. The clothes aren’t particularly good, and Mai’s dress is outright hideous. The colors are too bright, and skins look dirty. The event CGs look worse and more inconsistent that the paper dolls, which weren’t exactly fantastic to begin with, and the backgrounds are nothing special.


The BGM is typical KID stuff. Lots of techno, a bit of piano, nothing too interesting, but never gets boring. BUT, the opening, typical of kid, is really nice, with Kaori’s fantastic voice and slow, sad lyrics.

The voice acting, however, was below par. Yes, Yuna and Mai’s voices made my ears bleed, particularly Yuna, whose voice could be the worst that I’ve ever heard in all these years.  How should I describe it? Screechy? Sticky? I don’t know, and all I care about is that I’d never have to listen to it ever again. However, the other two voice actresses, Rie Kugimiya (Shana, Louise) and Nakahara Mai (Nagisa, Teana), both did a great job.


Like all of KID’s other games, not that good. However, like I said before, at this time, KID was in its prime. All the character blink, and their mouths move when they speak. It is pretty easy to get to the endings of each girl. The menu’s easy to use, if a tad ugly, and overall I’d say that it had the best system out of ALL of KID’s games.

However, I wish that they didn’t bother with the whole moving mouths thing and just made the game run properly. The game would crash, sometime just the program itself, sometime dragging my computer along with it. It would crash when a video plays, or when I’m clicking, or when I’m reading, or, hmm, well, pretty much ANYTIME, without warning. By the time that it crashed the fifth time I was fuming. The game also requires the CD to be in the drive and does a CD check at the beginning of every start up, which can also be quite annoying.


Close to began with great backbones. The writer set up a very interesting background that will shock you with the truth, and the relations between the characters and the events that happen will seem very ironic once you see the truth. Each character gets their own chance to shine, and the stories are well tied together.

Having said that, I think that the stories could have been better. Sure, they’re intersting, but I don’t feel much attatchment to any of the characters, the drama didn’t have me sitting at the edge of my seat, and I came no where close to crying. Having a good set up is nice, but nothing can replace those feelings that you get when you care, and I mean really CARE for the characters, and you let them into your hearts. That’s what KID failed to do for me.


Art: 6×3=18/30

Music: 7/10

Programming: 4/10

Total:61.5/100 C

Overall, it was okay, but wasn’t worth the 10 hours that I spent on it.


2 thoughts on “Omoi no kakera -Close to- review

  1. I do notice that most Chinese localization companies aren’t very good at programming the PS2 to port over into PC versions, I too, agree on the nightmare that was memories off 5…..

    I did hear T-Time is in the process of porting over 11eyes Crossover…..the op looks awesome and the story looks impressive so far and I can only pray they make a good port of it (the original version was a PS2 game)

  2. Oh yes MO5 was awful, not as bad as R11 though. I’ve heard nothing but compliments about 11eyes, so I REALLY hope they won’t mess it up. It was originally for the PC, but then got expanded for the xbox360, so if they have brains they’ll try to bring the system back to how it was originally.

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