Artist post:Nagomiko!

moe 90172 sample

Nagomiko is one of those elusive artists whose works just don’t appear often enough for me. The only way for me to see her art is by hunting down magazines for a single image or get one of her doujins, which are always skimpy on stuff.  Of course, that includes her latest doujin (released yesterday at c76) , which includes some stuff she did, but is super flimsy!

Anyway, Nagomiko is called [和]巫女 for a reason, pretty much every one of her drawings are of Mikos. There’s this kind of mystical beauty to her works, and they are all utterly fantastic.








An interesting thing about her doujins is that they will include links to wallpapers that can’t be found anywhere else, here are a few of them.




Come on, hurry up and release a proper artbook already!

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