Do good things REALLY come to those who wait?

When a good game is released, it will get ports and expansions, and modifications, and fandiscs, etc, etc. But is it better to wait for an expanded version before playing a game?


Should I play H2O now, instead of waiting for a translation of Complete Story Edition?


Should I play Chaos head now, instead of waiting for a translation of Noah?


Should I play Shuffle! now, instead of waiting for Essence+?


Should I play Da capo now, instead of waiting for plus communication?

What do you think? Please help me decide before I finish

Moshimo Ashita Ga Harenaraba?


17 thoughts on “Do good things REALLY come to those who wait?

  1. Oh, it was translated into Chinese a while ago. There’s a chance that Complete story edition will be picked by an english translation group though.

  2. Yeah, the original had 3, AAA had more, but was missing one of the original routes (Otoha’s, I think), The complete story edition has everything, but I can’t remember if it had anything that AAA didn’t have.

  3. Sure. I’m assuming that you can’t speak or read Japanese, so you’d have to look for those translated into English. Peach Princess has a pretty comprehensive list, and you can order it from there. Mangamer has a shorter list but more famous titles such as Da capo and Kirakira .

    HOWEVER, since you have never played before, feel free to read my introductory post on it and play a few free doujin games, just to see if they’re fit for you. I’d recommend Narcissu for something more on the literature side, true remembrance for the amazing twist and its heart warming story, and a dream of summer, which is more like most commercial works: focused on romance.

    And it’s a good idea to keep a tighter eye on fan translations (news sites) rather than commercial translation (the majority of which is, frankly, porn), because fan translations gets started because the title is good and fans love it. The fan translation pages will often have links on where to buy the games, but you can always google it.

    Feel free to ask me anymore questions.

  4. H20: Wat.

    Chaos;Head: Noah is the same dealieo, ‘cept with LESS PORN.

    Shuffle!: Only if you really want Kareha. Or Mayumi. Or some of the other bit character paths. Otherwise, Wat.


  5. @drmschr0: C;H PC didn’t have porn to begin with. Of all the characters in Chuffle, the only ones I actually want to go through are Asa and Mayumi.
    I liked Da capo II, so why not Da capo? If something’s popular enough to spawn so many spin offs, there’s GOTTA be something good about it (like the memories off series, the fandiscs and spin offs are a waste of time, but the original works were good). Besides, I’d play ANYTHING with Naru Nanao’s art in it, no matter HOW crappy people want to say it is.

  6. well, actually, I am completely capable of reading Kanji but my kana skills is next to zero.

    Therefore if I try to play a visual novel, I would have to completely rely on the kanji which is highly unreliable. I suppose it should be easy for me to learn Japanese since there’s only 22 kana but I never had a method or consistency in learning them. I am able to understand many of the common Japanese phrases since my island was once a colony of Japan in WW2 and the older generation still speak Japanese as well as lots of younger generation uses Japanese slangs such as “3Q”, which means “thank you”.

    1 – Ichi
    2 – Ni
    3 – San

    San-Q, thank you. you know, a lame silly japanese pun.

    actually, is there any easy way to learn kana? (and also, i like your art in lolikitsune’s game, he linked me it to play, but the content was unbearable that i couldn’t play it, but i still looked through the art. felt the need to at least greet you.)

  7. (which I like to note, I would never use those puns, it’s just pure embarrassment for someone who can actually speak English. I think no one in my family beside myself can speak English, and it’s rather harsh listening to them, their Engrish feels like a complete different language.)

  8. I know, I did the art not because I love the story, but because I know it’s going to get attention. Are you Chinese? Because if you are, you have a hundred or so games translated into Chinese that you can also play. I’m pretty content with not being able to speak Japanese right now, even now I STILL have too many games to play and shows to watch. I’d be in waaaaaay over my head if I COULD read Japanese. Besides, the translation groups are kind of like a filter that picks good titles for me~

  9. correct, I am Chinese (kinda, haven’t been home or seen my family since middle school ever since I decided to go out to US).

    btw, this is rather an awkward question for someone who just met, but I’m actually kinda fascinated with how you’re able to draw and all, so I was wondering if you have AIM or such. I

    I don’t have a blog or anything, I did consider making one, but felt like a hassle than anything to be honest.

    College starts in less than 2 weeks for me and I’m currently going to a teaching institution that trains teachers, but the irony is that I set out to come to US, but in the end it hits me I want to draw manga/anime (i know everyone says that, but i’ve already decided on it, and it’s a bit late to change my mind now, not that i want to), and I might end up going back to Asia after I finish getting my teaching degree

    Oh, and unless Lolikitsune visits here and finds out, please don’t tell him you’ve spoken to me here. Stupid stuff happened (mostly my own fault, like 70% mine), and I’ve stopped talking to him.

    It’s awkward calling him lolikitsune since I never participated in his “aniblogging sphere” as he calls it, I’m much used to calling his other web nickname or his actual name than this. I actually don’t even know why he’s called this, as far as I can tell, he’s not into loli…

  10. @TNH: meh, it’s been longer than me. I can tell that you’re Chinese because you say you can read Kanji but not kana. That and the whole Japanese invasion thing means you MUST be Chinese.
    I can draw because I draw, and draw, and draw, and draw. Take proper art lessons, draw real things, otherwise, you’ll end up like Itaru Hinoue at best. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to do manga/anime because mangakas work themselves to death and animators have crap wages.
    And what do you mean don’t tell him? These comments are public, he won’t need me to tell him.

  11. does he check here regularly? if so, oh well. i just dunno how to face him after all this time. i meant he linked me his game and ur art on my AIM, but i didn’t respond to anything he linked me, even though I clicked everything he linked me, i find it awkward to speak to him.

    yeah, they do work themselves to death. but part of me think it’s not about the money really. it’s more like being able to share that fame, to be remembered and known if I ever have any success in it.

    money is to spent on entertainment, on things you enjoy. but if you already enjoy your job, what’s the money for? that’s kinda the mentality i want to have. want a job that i can love, that no matter what happens, how low the pay or low little respect i receive, i can still do it and be happy with it.

    but i bet there’s like millions of others who wants to draw manga for a living but quit. i seen lots of people who proclaims so and then over the years they quit along the way. i made it all the way to college (almost, 2 more weeks), and i managed to stick to this longer than others around me. sure, i started drawing way later than others, but i feel it’d be a shame to quit now. (i mean I always have a teacher’s license as a back up in case if things really doesn’t work out, but i rather try and be an artist than a teacher…)

    okay, i’ll stop mass spamming your blog with all these comments. 😛 a little too talkative today, just got way too excited to finally meet you after hearing about you for 2 months.

  12. Do you have any idea how much this sounds like the beginning of a shoujo manga? It’s like “wahh, he sent me something again, but, but, I can’t talk to him…*blush. What should I do?” lol

    I have a belief that working yourself to death means that you don’t have time to relax and have fun. If you are an animator at the bottom of the ladder, you have to either crawl your way up or be stuck mechanically doing things that others are ordering you to do. That said, I’d also rather be an artist than a teacher, can’t deal with kids…

  13. Well if you are seriously asking about the releases then here’s my two peseta.
    H2O vs Complete Story edition.
    Well, in my brutally honest opinion there won’t be any english group picking it up, so unless a chinese group will translate the Complete story Edition too (I don’t know much about that unfortunately), then you would be probably better to play the basic version.

    Shuffle vs Essence+
    Definitely the first one. Essence+ only comes out on the 30th of October in japan. Mangagamer might decide to localize it if Shuffle proves to be profitable, however they already confirmed to do the other three fandisks earlier (Kira Kira Curtain Call, DCPC and Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia), ergo even if they would license E+, it will likely be released only after those three (I’d estimate roughly 2-3+ years).
    So in my honest opinion they won’t release E+ anytime soon. If there is no ongoing chinese translation for E+, then I would recommend playing normal Shuffle instead of waiting.

    Da Capo vs DCPC
    Well I would say the basic one, but only when you have really really nothing else to do. What I mean is that I would put it on the lowest priority and play whatever else comes out in chinese/english. I imagine there has to be enough to keep you from boredom. (Hell, I can only play the english ones, and I always have 3+ games in my backlog. If I could play the chinese ones too, then that number would be a lot higher.)
    That way you can use Da Capo basic like some kinda last resort if by any chance you don’t have nothing to play. However when DCPC comes out just play that.

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