Manga gamer releases Shuffle!


You can get it now.

Damn it, one more game to add to my list. I’m thinking about just skipping this ans wait for Essence+…


11 thoughts on “Manga gamer releases Shuffle!

  1. Clever dudes at Navel really know how to make the most out of their series. XD

    I’m waiting for people to give reviews of it before buying it. And so far it seems like a good idea…since there’s a few mistranslations here and there as of now.

    • hey guyzzzzz I’m Not totally satisfied in this anime in the end the main character faithfully married asa-senpai how suck…. I rather chose Kaede than Asa-senpai

  2. Interesting, will they release the other games too? I played the game, was not worth €36.95, but was a good game. Nice CG, didn’t listen to audio because my headphones are broken and roommates might not approve of shuffle :P.

    • Even if Mangagamer doesn’t release it there’s still the chance that gamepatch will release something. I didn’t really care for the graphics (don’t like Hiro Suzuhira of that period, and I have a thing against Aoi Nishimata). From what I can tell, the music is probably the best part of the game, and I also think I wouldn’t spend money on it.

  3. Good game….

    unless you have AVG as an antivirus where playing it is an exercise in futility because it thinks (the official and legit version mind you) is a virus.

  4. all you who think shufflre is crap can suck it!! shuffle is the very best anime ever!!! At the end of the series,rin was dating asa, but he never married her…duhhh. If you ask me, he proberly married to nerine because he didnt spend that much time with her. tv can work like that. and by the way dont dis premula either.shes sooo cute

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