Starting Family Project


The art is surprisingly good (the SCG has crap proportions though), and the horribly fake  Chinese and the random sex is bothering me.  I’m not just saying that the Chinese SOUNDS awful (because it does), but also that I found sentences that didn’t make sense (like “please tell me Japanese” instead of “please teach me Japanese” or “I made a lot of stuff you eat” instead of “I made a lot of stuff that you can eat” or  writing “raped” when there was no rape). Sigh*, if you’re going to do another language, get a native… And there’s no way that a Chinese girl can have a voice that squeaky. Well, my own voice is around an octave lower than the average Japanese girl seen in anime or VNs, and although most Chinese girls my age DO have a high voice than mine, there’s no one that even comes CLOSE to Chunhua’s squeaky voice.

I’ve heard from asceai that this is like Clannad (and I trust his tastes since he also thinks that Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na is overrated, and that Sharin no Kuni, parfait chocolate, and Kanisino are awesome). Anyway, can’t see the connection, but I’ll just have to see. D.O. isn’t exactly my favorite company.

One thought on “Starting Family Project

  1. I’m personally disappointed in it so far. By the way the chinese lines appearing at the later parts are without translations, and those spoken by male chinese characters seemed native chinese for me. (I don’t have much of an experience distinguishing though, so take it with a pinch of salt)
    Hope you will enjoy it more than I do.

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