Michiru, you are badass


Maybe it’s that peach pit touch, but I’m completely in love with Zombie loan right now. Only 47 chapters are out in scanlation, and the latest one ends in such a cliffhanger! It feels so refreshing to see the heroine promise to protect the guys.


4 thoughts on “Michiru, you are badass

  1. The trouble I have with manga reading is that I can’t find the urge to start a series. I actually have the same trouble with any kind of book. I find it difficult to flip it open and read it.

    But for manga, once I start, I can’t stop, and I would end up reading it for hours after hours. And I’m a very slow reader when it comes to manga, I would need like half an hour to read about 45 pages.

    I tend to flip back to look at each panel and how it’s drawn.


    My personal habit aside, I enjoy GTO and many other manga. I have yet to come in contact with Zombie Loan yet, what kind of series is it? The title alone scares me away since I’m not into zombies and corpses…etc. But yet it seems like a good manga. In a dilema.

  2. @TNH: I understand, I have a friend just like you. It takes her days to read through a single volume of manga. Zombie loan is a bit hard to classify, it’s action, it’s funny, there’s bits o romance that snuck in, but you don’t see much zombies (ironically). I’m the type that enjoys a good bloodbath so I don’t really mind. Never read GTO though.

  3. Manga I currently keep up with are:

    Liar’s Game (Intense mind games)

    Claymore (urgh… story going too slow, even for a monthly Jump.)

    to-Love Ru (Oka,y I’ll admit I got issues that this is one of my favorite manga. But to people who seen the anime, I will say this now, THE MANGA IS MUCH BETTER. The anime butchered it when they made it 10 times more ecchi than it should be. never made past episode 1 of the anime.)

    One Piece (my all time favs)

    Bleach (I am sick of it, but after reading so many chapters, you feel like you have to keep going)

    Naruto (same reason as Bleach)

    GTO Shonan 14 days (what was Onizuka doing the 14 days that people thought he was resting in the hospital?)

    Bad Company (Prequel to Shonan Junai Gumi, which is prequel to GTO. But people don’t realize it, it was actually drawn in chronological order, just GTO is most famous of them.)

    K-On (a little Mio moe isn’t all the bad, right? 😉 )

    Ga-Rei (the art is as iffy as the story, but the anime got me hooked that I read the entire thing and I want to keep it going)

    Fairy Tail (made of sheer awesomeness, and an anime version is coming out this fall!!!, it’ll probably be the next long running anime after Bleach and Naruto and One Piece, Aya Hirano is voice acting it, mixed feelings about that.)

    History’s Strongest Disciple Konichi (cheap laughs)

    Rosario+Vampire (surprisingly good, never made past episode 1 of the anime, cause it was butchered like to-Love ru.)

    D. Gray-man (as soon as it comes out of its long hiatus, which should be this week)

    Kannagi (cheap laughs are good)

    Soul Eaters (the story is starting to pick up now that the arachnid 10+ chapters are over, but monthly wait is long…)

    Hayate no Gotoku! (Have to say I probably have the most fun with this series, but I’m slightly sad that the second season only have 20 episodes so far and it’s already catching up to the manga. I’m guessing Season 2 will only have 26 episodes… Hina-chan all the way!)

    Gintama (simply quit, no translation groups that do scanlation for this, since the manga is pretty much all about puns, I think this manga scare translators away. Just watch the anime now.)

    Probably others out there, but nothing comes to my mind instantly. I’m ashamed… probably gonna start sounding like an otaku now. But I overall enjoy most genre from KEYS anime like Kanon/Clannad/AIR to bloody ones like Black Lagoon/Ga-Rei to JUMP action like One Piece to romance comedies…etc. Though the gorey ones I really have trouble reading/watching. I think I prefer romance comedy over all other genres.

  4. @TNH: I don’t read a lot of manga – haven’t read a lot – but I read it faster than I thought I should have. Maybe 20 chapters in 2.5 hours.

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