Come on, just a little closer and your female readers will be all happy!

Just got caught up to Airgear. In a nutshell, sleeping forest is helping our heros win their tournament battle (the opponents are much stronger than them, of course) so that Ikki can go and help them save Rika-nee, who has been taken by Sora (grr, he really bugs me).

The good: Akito and Agito are working together, both eyes open! Lind is no where to be seen though.

The bad: It’s ANOTHER battle.

The really good: A really cute moment between Ikki and Ringo as he promised to help her, looking all cool~

The really, really good: Kilik. He’s so moe. I love how much he cares about Rika-nee.


P.S.: Family project is boring, but I will charge on. There’s gotta be a reason that everyone’s saying it’s good. Though everyone kept saying that Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na and Symphonic Rain was good, and I was bored by both of them…


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