My short biased review of family project


This is biased A: because I only finished Masumi’s path and Jun’s path and B: because I don’t like slice-of-lifes that aren’t called Aria.

Kazoku Keikaku (released by JastUSA in English a while ago)  is about a bunch of people who don’t really fit into society coming together to live under a single roof. Each has their own past that is trying to resurface, and each holds a different opinion of the world. But the one thing that connects them is that, for the sake of everyone, they are to be a family.

The music is decent but forgettable, the art is decent but forgettable, the programming was done with minimal effort, the voice acting was okay.

The story was much too long. there was an insane amount of time spent on the happy, everyday family moments, which I didn’t care for. Sure, Tsubasa trying to punch Hiroshi is funny the first time, but I really got sick of it. There’s a minimal amount of build up in the excessively long main plot line, and the individual character paths are so short it’s pathetic. After playing, I don’t feel attached to any of the characters, and I’m not going to bother with finishing the 3 other paths because I don’t want to waste another 2 hours skipping through the main storyline.

I don’t care that erogamescape rated it as the greatest visual novel of all time or that people say it’s a tearjerker. As far as I know, Masumi’s path was a complete bore and Jun’s path was between touching and okay. I wish I never tried to waste my time playing this game.

And another thing, my computer has been having problems ever since I started playing this game. I might have to get it formatted again, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a while.


4 thoughts on “My short biased review of family project

  1. Nice to see I’m not the only one disappointed in it. I can barely motivate myself to advance in it to be quite honest, as basically nothing happens which I would look forward to and which would keep me going (and that’s my biggest issue with it).
    The characters aren’t my cup of tea either. I dislike Aoba (her ignoring hmph, dislike Matsuri (god, it irritates me that they are telling her something and then she ignores it regardless, and the next scene she’s just like parroting “gomen-gomen”), dislike the protag (he’s far too blunt than I would like, and I find him often illogical. Not to mention that the choices he offers are mostly irrelevant anyway, since he just does whatever he pleases to do); dislike the constant joking with Hiroshi (like you said, it quickly gets old). It’s somehow sad to say that the only character I like is the bisexual manager….
    Other than that I dislike that the common route is long as hell, and the character “arks” are significantly smaller if one compares it with the common route.
    To be honest even if I try to imagine myself playing it in 2001 I would be still disappointed in it, because there were already games out like Eve Burst Error, Tsukihime Desire, Yu-No, Phantom of Inferno, Bible Black, Studio E-GO games, etc etc and I find all of those significantly more entertaining than FP (not to mention that quite a lot of those are with better production values).
    I admit that FP might have been the first VN which introduced family-drama, however I don’t particularly find that theme interesting, and I felt the same way in 2001 too.

    Hope you will remedy your computer without formatting.

  2. I have only completed Aoba’s ending, so I’m somewhat biased as well. I greatly enjoyed playing it, but I don’t intend to do the other endings, because I don’t think the story will be as compelling if I skip most of it to get to the new parts and because Aoba is the one I wanted initially, anyway. To give a little background: I have not played many games like this, and those I have played have been porny with forgettable storylines, except for Bible Black, which unfortunately wasn’t forgettable, because it made me feel dirty just by playing it. So I was very surprised when the only sexual content I witnessed in the first 16 hours of playing was an awkward drug-mediated handjob (who the fuck eats strange pills, anyway?). I think the game’s strongest point is the characters. They all fit into broad stereotypes that seem to be expected of these sorts of games, but in the details they are realistically characterized, uniquely broken people. I will admit that I teared up a few times when the game caused me to consider how lucky I am to have the family that I do or to imagine what it might be like to be in the characters’ situations. I’m not without complaints: it was a bit too long (I think the “family moment” scenes were important for character development and such, but my enthusiasm did wane after about 19 hours), there were some translation and grammar problems, especially later on, and loli turns me off, so I didn’t appreciate the occasional pantie shots. Anyway, I liked it. Thanks for being the first blog I could find talking about this game.

    • I understand, the first couple of ones I came across weren’t exactly heavy on story either. I’d recommend that you stay from most commercial eroges from now on. There are very few worth actually paying money for.
      Thanks for reading this post, it really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside~ Though if you really want honest opinions about games, you’re better off trying forums, though, of course, they are also biased, depending on the location.

  3. I have finally finished playing through the game to get something other than the bridge ending and I have to say, this is probably one of the most boring games I have played. I agree with all of your points and I find my main issue was how long and drawn out the game was with no real point for continuing. another issue I had was how long the endings were, the bridge ending was short enough I suppose but otherwise it took almost two hours just to clear Jun’s ending without using text skip. there were no decisions to make and the first time I did it I quit playing when the credits rolled past the ten min mark. it turns out there is upwards of twenty mins more story after the credits are done but of course there is no way to skip them.

    I found the characters flat for the most part. none of them really grabbed my interest except for Jun at first and even that wore thin as there was no progress to be made with her for the first three quarters of the game (or any of the girls for that matter) following a simple formula you can easily make as few as four saves and by reloading and skipping you can have everyone’s ending unlocked if you want to waste the time it would take to do so.

    anyways I just wanted to leave my thoughts on this game, family project was a real let down for me and I am quite disappointed with G collection for releasing it. I am still hopeful for cat girl alliance later this year but only time will tell.

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