Starting Moshimo ashita ga harenaraba


Okay, starting on a new game, [If it’s clear weather tomorrow]. It has lush graphics, excellent mix of orchestra and piano for music, and a supposedly heart wrenching and epic plot.

I’ve only played up until the opening video, but I’m liking the characters already. Will this help me break away from my vicious cycle of playing bad games? I hope so (hadn’t gone through a good one since Narcissu Side 2nd, and I’m itching for some tear jerking drama right now).

cute cat

P.S.: the cat is SO cute~


9 thoughts on “Starting Moshimo ashita ga harenaraba

  1. It’s fully translated? The only reason I haven’t started playing it yet was because I only found the 0.91 patch that was on sumisora forums

  2. @deatazechs: Yup, 100%. It’s weird, but Sumisora doesn’t have it. I found the patch at lostsummer, it was actually released in the middle of July! Guess you can’t rely on Sumisora all the time…
    @lelangir: You should google もしも明日が晴れならば if you want the CGs.

      • neat. u don’t see many asian around the part i’m living in. there’s like 1 korean and japanese lower classmen in the high school i was in. anyway, ya, i’ll definitely try those games out. (hopefully i still remember my chinese from back in elementary/middle school).

    • My Chinese is only at 3rd grade elementary level (that’s when I moved to the US) and I’ve been reading these VNs just fine. You shouldn’t have any problems

  3. ironically, that’s the same time i came.

    well, i move back and forth a lot.

    it’s like 1 year here, 1 year there…etc.

    it felt like my entire elementary/middle/high school is playing catch up with the school courses. and not just the language is different, their science and history and math curriculum is totally different too.

    • Whoa. I went to Canada in grade 3 too…Freaky coincidence? It must have been awful going back and forth. With China, the courses before post secondary is hellish, and with North America, the courses in post secondary is hellish, so you’ve got the worst of both worlds. Ouch.

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