Oi Kishimoto!

Less of this more of this

The picture just about says it all really.

Well, I was going to leave it with just that comment, but it probably doesn’t sum up how pissed off I’ve been with the last few chapters.

Hopefully at the end of all this Sakura is going to emerge even stronger, but didn’t she already do that?  Why does Kishimoto insist on taking her forward only to bring her back with this constant crying shit.

Its bitterly disappointing, especially since I really loved how much Sakura grew up from the annoying and useless fangirl she once was, into one hell of a kick ass kunoichi.

I understand this is a Shounen manga and as such the focus is going to be on the boys.  But why does that mean the girls have to appear to be weak in comparison?

I’m not saying Sakura has to be as strong as Naruto, but for gods sake Kishimoto at least stop taking away whatever strength you have given her.

Also I’m hoping we don’t see  Sakura agreeing with Shikamaru’s plan.  It would be so out of her character for her to turn around, after all her longing, and say you’re right Sasuke needs to die.

Hopefully when she says she’ll tell Naruto, she means she’s just going to tell him their plans and not try and talk him into killing the man he’s thought of as a brother this whole time.

Not that she ever could, I mean if Naruto couldn’t kill Pain, after all he had done, does Shikamaru really think he can be talked into allowing the elimination of Sasuke?

Too pretty to die

Besides, lets face facts.  Sasuke-kun is just too pretty to kill off 😛 Just think of all the death threats Kishimoto would receive from all the fangirls if the last ‘hawt’ Uchiha were to die.


20 thoughts on “Oi Kishimoto!

  1. @ Kitsune 🙂 Sasuke-kun always looks good XD

    @ Choux True, but I don’t want to give away all their plans, after all I’ll be cheering them on if Kishimoto has Naruto agreeing with Shika’s plan.

  2. I COMPLETELY HATE Sauske to the core. He is the absolute least favorite character in Naruto. He’s pretty much just an ass and is all into his little emo world that apparently nobody knows about him just cause his parents were killed by his brother (which btw, in the ninja world setting, isn’t unseen).

    At least in Naruto, we’ve seen people with way worst back story than that and they still pulled through just fine. Our little Sasuke has to keep being his emo self and what’s worst, now he’s out to “avenge” his brother death that he personally caused.

    This guy gets more and more messed up by the day. I’ve always commented that Kishimoto needs to kill Sauske like 500 billion chapters ago and just give us a better character to be the antagonist.

  3. @ TNH Oh your words are like music to my hubby’s ears 🙂

    He absolutely detests Sasuke.

    I just think that to have Naruto involved or even just to condone Konoha-nin taking him down would just seem weird.

    It would make all their chasing him seem like a waste.

    He does serve an important purpose though, after all getting him back has been the impetus for Sakura to get stronger. It also made Naruto more determined to get stronger, so he could bring his friend home. So he is an important catalyst to the story.

    Though I don’t think anyone will deny he hasn’t been much of a friend for a long time. I can’t deny he’s an utter douchebag in that respect.

    If Sasuke goes ahead with killing everyone in Konoha, then I’ll be the first in line telling Kishimoto to have Naruto punch him through the heart. (If he actually has one.)

    But I’d like to think there is something to redeem there. After all when trying to get the Hachibi he thought of his old team as he fought alongside his new team.

    I’m hoping all his words of wiping out the village were simply just telling Madara what he wanted to hear and that he’s continuing on with what Itachi was doing.

    If he isn’t, if destroying everyone in his home village is how he truly feels, then I think I will have given up on him as a character.

    It would make me feel horribly bad for Itachi’s sacrifice, if Sasuke were to destroy the village instead of protect it.

    I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to kill Danzo and his cronies, hell I hate them myself.

    But the whole village? That would be overkill.

  4. In my opinion Naruto should have killed him off a long time ago, Sasuke is one of the most annoying characters on the show!!!!!

  5. or the most annoying in anime history, one or the other.

    seriously, he doesn’t have it that bad. get over it. At least he still have friends and mentors and those who care about him, he is just too blinded by his pathetic quest for revenge to see it.

    i know people who’s had far worst in their lives without even friends to support after losing their family. he’s had it good and he doesn’t even appreciate it and is stuck in his emo world, it makes people who truly have it bad look at him and wants to just kill him ourselves.

  6. Maybe that is the whole point of this thing, Naruto ‘saving’ Sasuke.

    Though why call the manga Naruto if its all about Sasuke’s redemption and sometimes it really does seem like this manga is actually based around the Uchiha.

  7. oh, not to mention he’s caused nothing but pain for Naruto and wasn’t even a major support for him.

    Naruto’s got to the point it’s not even being kind-hearted or mr.nice-guy anymore, his quest to get Sauske back is now an obsession literally. Sasuke accepted him, but they were borderline friends and more like rivals to begin with.

    Sure, unspoken friendship. But look at the bigger picture from episode 1 of the anime (which I don’t keep up with the anime ever since it got to Gaara rescue arc in the new one like last year), Sauske never bonded with him. Naruto’s fascination with Sasuke was just because he saw another lonely kid just like him at the riverbank that he “thought” he can relate to which he didn’t at all. Now that lonely kid stabbed a knife in his back and runs off with his new friends, what’s Naruto doing?

    He cries about the knife on his back and he continuously go out his way to find the stabber not for revenge, but instead asking for another jab.

    I’m telling you what the entire manga of Naruto is, it’s not a shonen action manga, it’s an S&M manga where we got the Sauskedist and the Narusochist.

  8. @ TNH “I’m telling you what the entire manga of Naruto is, it’s not a shonen action manga, it’s an S&M manga where we got the Sauskedist and the Narusochist.”

    OMG that made me laugh so hard. Does that make us masochists for reading it then? 😉

    Just a warning, this week’s chapter is Sasuke-centric.

  9. @ TNH Nope probably not. So I’m wondering if the whole dark chakra thing means Sasuke is being controlled somehow.

    We do know they said Uchiha Madara’s power was the ability to control.


  10. I highly doubt it. With his new jewish star sharingan eye, probably discovered something from the beyond, the underworld or what not and manipulates powers or deity’s aid from the beyond.

    Heck, we have seen plenty of super powered ninja using abilities that requires opening the dimension to the beyond. Like the seal of the fourth/third calls the Grim Reaper, the immortality of the akatsuki who worships a God of death, the revival of dead using Pain’s ability as well as his 7 forms of pain and one of them involves resurrection from hell.

    If anything, I’d say Sauske’s got in touch with hell.

  11. I have to say the shadow thing almost reminded me of the Kyuubi.

    So I actually wondered if there was another tailed beast out there we weren’t aware of.

    That’s right people, Sasuke has the power of the no tailed BADGER, RAWR! XD

  12. Sasuke is… is…


    The thing about Naruto (and Bleach as well) is that you don’t really get the feel that characters spend time with each other often. Basically, things happen one after the other, making it seem like everything’s happened in a short span of time, which kinda breaks the feeling of friendship.

    Face it, One Piece has spanned for around 40 to 50 volumes as of now, yet the time that Sasuke and Naruto spent bonding seems to be… well, mild at best.

    We got the rival stage from the beginning to the end of the Zabuza arc, which was around 7 volumes. Then we got the Jounin exams, which went on for like… 9 volumes? And if I recall, the Jounin exams took place virtually right after Team 7 came back from the Zabuza arc, give or take a few days. And after the second exam (the one in the forest) Naruto and Sasuke were separated, since Sasuke had special training with Kakashi. Then, nearly after the Jounin exams, we had Itachi come back, Kakashi hospitalized, then Sasuke beaten while Naruto went off with Jiraiya. Then right after that, Sasuke and Naruto have a spat, then Sasuke leaves. Then they fight again and are separated for 3 years, and Naruto cherishes the dream of bringing Sasuke back.

    That’s a beautiful friendship right there.

    • … FUUUCK.

      One Piece was supposed to be Naruto. I was typing something about how One Piece makes it more believable than Naruto, but then decided I was too lazy to be biased.

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