What I’m looking forward to Ver2

Yes, my post on the fall season. It’s shorter and less flashy than Sakura’s, but it’s still here anyway.

Darker than black Comet of Gemini

Darker than black comet of gemini

Studio Bones+lots of blood+some answers?=There’s no way in hell I’m going to skip this series. I wonder just how big of a role Hei is going to play in this season?



The only slice of life besides Aria that I enjoy. I never pass up anything of CLAMP and this is no exception. It’ll be the perfect way to end a day and relax… Speaking of CLAMP, Xxxholic and Tsubasa’ll probably be over by the time that Kobato airs, I wonder what they’re doing next.



I REEEALLY wanted to play the game, but since the Chinese translation’s going at a snail’s pace, I’ll watching the anime. However, if it’s unbearable I’ll drop it, no second chances. At this point I’ve lost all faith in the abilities of Studios that are not named Shaft or Kyoani to do a decent VN adaption. Hopefully the new songs will be as epic as the songs from the game (Ayane FTW!)

That’s it. I’m not expecting much from this season. Will be using that spare time to catch up on those series from Spring and Summer that I needed to watch though…


9 thoughts on “What I’m looking forward to Ver2

  1. Shorter is good, as usual I have too many picks and am being overly ambitious.

    I probably won’t even get to Nyan Koi. InuYasha, Darker Than Black and Kimi ni todoke are my top 3.

    After watching the PV Sacred Blacksmith is edging out over Bantorra, though I do like the dark look to that.

    Back to DTB, hopefully he plays a big part. Hei is my main reason for watching after all 🙂

    I read a few chapters of Kobato (back when Newtype came out it was one of the free manga in the middle) but I never really warmed to it. I don’t know how I’ve been a fan this long and remained pretty much CLAMP free, but I have.

    Well except for Code Geass and a touch of xxxholic. 🙂

    As for 11 Eyes…. um… yeah… I read game adaptation and pretty much switched off. Overly judgemental? Sure, but given the number of picks I have already that probably isn’t a bad thing XD

  2. I can’t say I’m always a fan of Clamp’s way of targetting a specific group of audience, but I have to admit that I honestly think Clamp’s art is always unique and shows the originality in anime.

    I have a Card Captor Sakura artbook with me actually, I enjoyed the art, someone bought it for me back in elementary school. It seems each drawing in Clamp is like something that’d take an entire day at least.

    • No way. Clamp always juggles series, and when you have like 7 days to do like 15 pages and then a full color one on top of that there’s no way that a single drawing can possibly take up an entire day.
      I have the Tsubasa art book myself ^^

    • Yeah. Those pictures from the artbooks are chapter covers or volume covers or special illustrations that they are drawing while making the manga. It’s not like they suddenly decided to say, “okay, we’re not going to draw manga now, we’re just going to draw full color pictures until we have enough for an artbook”.

    • It wasn’t that it was really incoherent, but more like each event that happened were only slightly related to the main storyline. For instance, why did hei see that thing with the car when he was in that room after they checked for him to be a normal person while he was wearing that patch? I can’t see the connection, so the entire thing felt a little choppy for me.I know that it’s typical of BONES to randomly reveal stuff when you don’t really expect anything instead of actually telling you the background, but I’m hoping that the new season will be more connected and actually explain things in good sized chunks. Like in Higurashi or Ever17.

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